Web developer, professional in the world of CMS and expert in Joomla! which has been used since 2008.

Luis Orozco (@luisorozoli) was born and raised in Arjona, Jaén, Spain. He is an enthusiastic and passionate web developer, professional in the CMS world and expert in Joomla! which has been used since 2008.

Involved with everything related to the Joomla! Community, forums, groups, etc. He has been a speaker at several Joomla Day Spain talking about extensions created by himself and has also attended the latest major international events about Joomla! (Jandbeyond).

He studied and worked in Jaén for almost two years in a company as an analyst, designer and web developer. Then he made his great professional leap, arriving in London, he was working like Lead Web Developer, in the development and improvement tools, developed and integrated with the Joomla! Engine, creating websites for airlines and hotels around the world.

He has created some extensions for Joomla!, among which the phpMyJoomla (phpmyjoomla.com) component stands out, to make easier the management and export of the database from the backend.

With the problem of the world pandemic (Codvid-19), Luis has created a solution (vercarta.com) for the administration of digital cards for hospitality businesses (hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, etc.)

He loves being a self-taught person and learning new things every day. He is very active and loves to get involved in his projects and work with people who are equally involved.

A phrase defines it: "Simplicity is the best way", "Simplicity is the best way".

Why using Joomla for your multilingual projects


In these times, with the rise of e-commerce, having a multi-language website is essential to expand our online business globally. Customers find it more convenient to shop in their language. In many cases, it is also necessary for countries that have more than one official language.

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