Luca volunteers for Joomla since 2007. He started in the Italian Community and moved to the global one in 2015. He served in several roles and teams: from JED to Certification Program, from Trademark to Compliance. He is Secretary of Open Source Matters, Inc. since 2017.

Luca serves as Lead Editor for the Joomla Community Magazine since March 2020.

Joomla 3.10 and the Update Checker


Joomla 4 is getting closer with the Beta version expected for the end of this month, but, at the same time, Joomla's contributors are working hard to develop another important release: Joomla 3.10.

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“A Joomler’s Story”, get to know our volunteers


We are living in a weird period, in which we are obliged to practice “social distancing” and we cannot crowd together to meet or get things done. We saw many local and international events cancelled due to the pandemic emergency. And in this period, everyone spends more time to reflect and re-evaluate the importance of many things that we claimed were “normal” for so long.

In this edition of the Community Magazine, we wanted to put people first, remembering that Joomla exists only thanks to “its people” and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate them and their contributions.

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Meet a Joomler: Christiane Maier-Stadtherr


Christiane is a hidden gem within the Joomla Community. She is actively involved in making Joomla 4 accessible, as a member of the Accessibility Team. She also worked on the new Workflow feature that will be shipped in the new version of Joomla.

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A new beginning for the Community Magazine


It has been a long time since the last issue of the Joomla Community Magazine, despite the huge work of the volunteers who worked to refactor the website and create a solid foundation for the Magazine. We are finally happy to announce that the Joomla Community Magazine is back!

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The Joomla Privacy Journey


The Joomla Privacy Journey started back in November 2017 when the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. realized the need to ensure compliance with GDPR and Privacy regulations. A new working group was formed and since then, several volunteers helped the Project to audit its internal Privacy and take actions to reach compliance.

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