Babs Gösgens

Babs Gösgens

Babs first started using Joomla! in 2006. Immediately enthused, Babs started exploring Joomla! and its API. Since, she’s become an avid believer in Joomla's limitless potential and an active member of the international Joomla! Community. Babs has joined the Joomla! Community Magazine as co-author for “Did you know...?” to Nick Antimisiaris and as a member of the Media Team and the Promotions Team.

Babs Gösgens has been a professional web designer since 1995. She has a profound knowledge of interface design and usability and is uniquely talented in both design and development.

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Friday, 01 October 2010 00:00

Customizing Joomla!'s Error Page

In pursuit of the optimal user experience, I usually want to control each aspect of a view. And as there is much more to a good site than a nice colour palette or a funky header image, my interference with an extension’s existing layout goes beyond the scope of CSS alterations. I like to meddle with my site’s views by customizing any output that is generated and that includes Joomla!’s error page.
If you don’t know Magento™ you’ll probably be shrugging your shoulders by now. If you do, you will know that Magento is a feature-rich, professional open-source ecommerce platform. It's guaranteed to give you a whole new perspective on ecommerce and it will likely make existing Joomla!™ ecommerce extensions fade straight into the background upon first sight.