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Monday, 30 November 2015 20:00

Vote for Joomla! in the CMS Critic Awards

December is voting time again, at least for CMS systems. 
It's that time of the year again, where you have to take a stand for the CMS you love. Joomla won the People’s choice award for ‘Best Open Source PHP CMS’ last year. So show your love for Joomla and nominate Joomla! in the categories that you think Joomla fits best.
We’re used to seeing all Joomla community members attending only Joomla events. Nowadays that’s changing. David Hurley and Michael Babker are representing Joomla at a global event, the PHP World Conference mid-November. They will not only represent Joomla, but will also try to attract new members to the community. That’s worthy of an interview.
Social media is HOT these days… or at least that’s what people say. So let’s have a look at JFBConnect and review whether the extension does the trick integrating social media into Joomla without using too many API’s.
Friday, 01 November 2013 00:00

EasyBlog: Fast, Nice & Easy

I sometimes come across Joomla sites that are built only for blogging. There are a lot of possibilities: you can use Joomla native , K2, and all sorts of CCKs. Today I decided to test an extension from the community choice extensions poll from several months back. Let's put EasyBlog from Stackideas on the bench...
Being a part of the community I sometimes wonder how I started 6-7 years ago with Joomla!... We didn't have Facebook or Twitter, where we could ask for support or help with extensions. These days I wonder if newbies (sorry for the terminology) know how to search in the JED. Search in the WHAT...?  
Is it already time? Time flies when you're writing articles, and it's a close call each time again. I guess that's the same for people writing documentation about their extension. Most of us, as users, just look at the demo, the short description, and then we download and install... But let me give you some reasons why we have to add the step of reading the documentation...
In Part 1 we looked at some selection steps, now let's go deeper into some of those steps. The one that we call "Please, I need some help...", or, in a word: support. Remember that support on an extension is crucial, but also your input toward the support is also crucial! Let's go over some tips, and remember these come from my personal point of view...
Newbie or oldtimer? We all sometimes have issues finding the correct extension for the site we're building. Sometimes it's a piece of cake, sometimes you could bash up your workstation and yell at the client, "Why, whyyy?". Nevertheless, extensions are the builldingblocks to better and more powerful Joomla sites. Let's look at some pointers or guidelines about how to choose an extension.