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Thursday, 01 August 2013 00:00

Design Should Reflect Your Brand Identity

What is a brand? No, it isn't just your logo, or your identity, it's deeper than that. All of these elements work together to define your company, but your brand can often be dismissed. So what is your brand? Your brand can be described as being the way your company is perceived on an emotional level. I'm going to go over a few things you can do as a designer, to make sure you are clearly depicting a company's brand the right way through identity design.
We've all been faced with our fair share of 404 error pages. Now think back to those experiences, do you remember how you reacted?
Blogging has many uses, the obvious to create great educational resources for people to consume. But if used correctly, you can blog in a way that can be used for lead generation. I’m not talking about the stage that attracts the visitor to your blog. No, I’m talking about the part that helps convert into a lead. It is an undeniably great tool due to the fact that you can potentially attract and convert a lead in one blog post. In order to avoid you thinking I’m crazy, I will provide you with some great tips for nurturing leads with your blog.  
Your website is finally finished! You have added great content, cool images, the whole nine-yards. Now that your site has been done for a while, you've been doing data analysis for your site and realize people don't seem too interested in downloading your content. Most likely this isn't due to the content on your site, because you have been getting heavy traffic on your blog. Have you ever thought that there could be something wrong with your call to action?