Nicholas G. Antimisiaris

Nicholas G. Antimisiaris

Nick, an Electrical Engineer and Computer Science veteran with extensive experience in the Telecommunications / Software industry in US and Greece, has been involved with opensource projects since 2002 and is loving it. He is a member of the Community Builder team on Joomlapolis as is known as nant in the Joomla universe.

This is a great method to allow someone to “virtually” use the same email address to create multiple Joomla user accounts on the same Joomla site, but it also has other practical uses when dealing with other websites and mailing lists that require an email address to subscribe. Time to learn about this "not so well known" email addressing feature that can help you in many different ways.
Sunday, 01 May 2011 00:00

Push me, pull you...

Joomla! is free and open-source, but it is also a huge commercially driven multi-million dollar ecosystem. The majority of Joomla! volunteers have strong commercial interest in Joomla! and have their own personal motivation when it comes to Joomla!. This is not a bad thing but managing all these “forces” pushing and pulling Joomla! in “different” directions is a challenge. Here are my thoughts on a different management approach that could help our project overcome these challenges.
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 00:00

Are you getting your fair share of PHP memory?

I remember when 4K of RAM was considered alot of memory. Granted, this was quite some time ago and things have certainly progressed since then. Today it seems like every other year adds a Giga-byte or two of RAM to the default configuration of our personal workstation. Well, a similar trend is evident with online memory in shared PHP environments.
Monday, 01 November 2010 00:00

CB YouTube Player Delimiter Magic

In continuation of the first “CB Delimiter Field Magic” article, as promised I will be presenting some simple CB Delimiter field logic that will give your users the ability to show/embed their YouTube playlist in their user profile. The example given is based on YouTube, but the logic can be easily adapted to support any embedded content hosted on most providers (Vimeo, Google Video, etc.).
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 04:57

CB Delimiter Field Magic

Community Builder is the most popular extension for Joomla (at the time this article was published). It is filled with features that will help Joomla websites manage online communities. One of the most powerful but perhaps also most overlooked feature is its “delimiter” field. As a member of the CB Team I have used the delimiter field concept on many occasions to address various use cases. This is the first of a series (2 or more depending on interest expressed) article that will give small use case examples regarding potential use of this powerful feature that will hopefully inspire readers to further investigate.
Monday, 28 June 2010 18:17

About Did you know...?

When I first volunteered for magazine duty, I was instructed to report for duty directly to Sergeant Orwig. I was told that 'papa Paul' runs a very tight ship and he never takes off his cap. I really didn't know what to expect when I first encountered him through the open (Skype) window. He looked at me and said "Well, what would you like to do in this persons army?" Now that's a first, I thought. I am offering to assist and I am asked what would I like? And he is also politically correct ('persons' army). "Hmmm, interesting army this guy's running here...", I thought to myself.