Slawomir Pieszczek

Slawomir Pieszczek

Computer science teacher in the largest school in the district Jawor. He runs his own company providing services related to the creation, admninistration and user training of sites based on CMS Joomla!

First Certified Administrator Joomla! in Poland. Author of books, e-books and articles about Joomla!

Author of several blogs, the most important: raises issues related to the Joomla! and usung it as a fantastic tool that helps others to create their own place in the network.

He loves extremely fast ride on the rollers! The Fan of personal growth and constant change :-)

His motto: "Joomla! is Doing Great Things with Great People" and "Don't let enybody steal your dreams"

Tuesday, 05 December 2017 08:03

Joomla Day Poland: Become an Eagle of Joomla!

This was the motto of this year's JoomlaDay Poland 2017! This two-day event is an annual event for users and fans of this amazing content management system. Every year it is organized in another place, and this time we met in the capital of the West Pomeranian Province - in Szczecin.
It was my first J and Beyond! It was excellent! Great international meeting of Joomla! enthusiasts was held on 2-4 June 2017 at Cracow, city once inhabited by the Dragon. This is why this conference was held under the motto: "Fight the Dragon", which was the allegory of "fight" on the Joomla! Project ;-)  
Meetings between Joomla! enthusiasts surprise me each time! These EXCELLENT people who want to study in order to know everything about Joomla. Relationships become something more than only a common training, work, or doing business. Warmly, I thank you for the time spent together and these happy moments together. Our first Lower Silesia meeting of Joomla enthusiasts was held on the first day of holidays, June 6, 2014. I will repeat it once again: IT WAS EXCELLENT!