Peter Martin

Peter Martin

Peter Martin is a Joomla Specialist from the Netherlands. His company (founded in 2005) offers Joomla consultancy, website implementation, (technical) support and custom Joomla extension development.

Peter is a former Community Leadership Team member. He is currently active inJoomla Forum as Global Moderator, in the Joomla! Bug Squad trying to make small improvements in the Joomla code, as speaker at various conferences and helps to organize Pizza Bugs & Fun in the Netherlands.

In his hometown Nijmegen Peter organizes monthly meetings: Open Coffee Nijmegen (networking meeting for entrepreneurs) and Linux Nijmegen (a Linux User Group).

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00

Joomla – The next 10 years?

This year Joomla has its 10th anniversary. So, on to the next 10 years... What will Joomla look like, 10 years from now, in 2025? A couple of current trends might change the way we work with, and how we look at, websites in the future. The main change regarding websites (and thus Joomla) is that there will be a shift in sharing information via HTML web pages to linked structured data exchange via (web) applications.
Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:00

Category Item Count: To a Generic Solution

Last month I described how a new feature was developed to count the number of articles in each category. At the end of the 2nd day of JoomlaDay France 2015, the feature was working… that is, it counted all articles (for com_content) in the Category Manager for Articles. I got it working by adding a hard-coded “if extension = com_content” check in the Category Manager. That’s not a solution but a workaround, I was fully aware of that.
How does a new feature end up in Joomla? This is a story about how a new feature is developed and how it might get into a next version of Joomla. From conception, to development, to community feedback & help, to testing, and (hopefully) to adding it to the core code. The story you are about to hear is true; only the names have not been changed to credit the people who helped me out.
For the 3rd time the website CMS Critic organizes the annual Critics' Choice CMS Awards. Help Joomla to get more exposure... by nominating it for a CMS Critic's People's Choice Award!
Have you ever tried another CMS? How did that go? It can be quite difficult to understand the workflow of new software. In the Joomla! forum many questions are asked by other CMS users who have some difficulty in understanding Joomla’s workflow or migrating their other CMS to Joomla.
Nobody wants to have their website get hacked. And yet almost everyone has some reason to ignore security measures. This article talks about "hackers", however "crackers" would be a better name. Hacking is the ingenious use of tools (e.g. software) for purposes that differ from normal use. Cracking is the unauthorized entry of a website to do things that are not allowed by the owner. Because cracking is often referred to as "hacking", I’ll reluctantly use the word “hack” in this article.
There are many ways to be involved in the Joomla! community. This article (the second in a series of two articles) presents some ideas about how you can help out within the community. Part one can be found in JCM Magazine of September 2011.
There are many ways to be involved in the Joomla! community. This article (part 1) presents some ideas about how you can help in the community. Part 2 will be available in next month's issue of JCM.