Nick Savov

Nick Savov

Nick is the Director of Sites at He enjoys developing extensions, teaching others how to use Joomla!, and believe it or not, troubleshooting.  One of his favorite activities within the Joomla Community is participating in the Joomla Bug Squad.

Saturday, 01 September 2012 00:00

Developers: Joomla! 3 Update

 Joomla! 3 is less than a month away, so if you are a developer, it’s time to get moving and to plan and work ahead.      
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:00

Joomla 1.?

The long awaited Joomla! 1.6 is finally here and has been here for about two months now. Joomla! 1.6 introduced a lot of new changes and improvements and it was released 1084 days or 2 years, 11 months, and 19 days after Joomla! 1.5's release. Joomla! is now on a 6-month release cycle and Joomla! 1.7 is scheduled to be released in July 2011.