Cliff Pfeifer

Cliff Pfeifer

Cliff Pfeifer is a Joomla expert and savvy business owner from Denver, Colorado with extensive experience within the Joomla community. During his time in the Joomla community he was the Joomla UX Team Lead, the lead organizer of the Denver Joomla Community, and was a member of the Joomla Marketing and Community Leadership Teams. Learn more at

Joomla! is shining bright in the North American spotlight this season. The first JoomlaDay Denver took place on October 1st 2016, and the Joomla World Conference takes place in Vancouver November 11th-13th. The final months of 2016 have much to offer Joomla! users on this side of the world, and the close timing and proximity of these two events is creating a new buzz around Joomla in the USA and in Canada.
Sunday, 11 September 2016 06:21

JoomlaDay Comes To Denver October 1st 2016

The first JoomlaDay Denver is October 1st 2016, featuring a remarkable mix of speakers, workshops and Joomla! resources. Our program covers everything from website design & development, UX, internet marketing and of course Joomla! We hope you can join us for an unforgettable day of learning and networking in the Mile High city.
Tuesday, 05 July 2016 10:40

Changing The Conversation About Joomla

The spirit of Joomla is community and our community is alive and well. Our community is strong and passionate, filled with vibrant and talented people around the world who collaborate and help each other every day. We use Joomla to build websites that help businesses, governments and organizations. Our work is meaningful and we make the world a better place. At the same time, we can be our own worst enemy. Our own words and actions create a perception that impacts the growth of our platform in many ways. In order to build our community and improve our platform, we need to change the conversation about Joomla and it starts with us.
Thursday, 05 May 2016 13:43

Five Reasons To Choose Joomla

There are more CMS platform choices than ever. All of them boast powerful features but it’s not always clear how these features help us in real life. These are five reasons why many people choose Joomla to accomplish website goals and solve real world website challenges.
The Alias Menu Item Type is an often overlooked type of Menu Item that is available in Joomla. In plain terms, it is used to create a Menu Item that links to an existing Menu Item. We can use them to create a duplicate menu item without creating a duplicate URL or duplicating content. It is very simple to use and it can solve SEO and content management challenges in Joomla.
Wednesday, 02 March 2016 21:00

The Joomla User Experience

Over the past year it has become evident that better User Experience (UX) is being demanded by our community. We believe UX is critical to the future of the Joomla community and see an opportunity to improve our platform while bringing our community together in new ways. We’ve spent the first few months of 2016 rebuilding the JUX team and we want you to be involved!
Monday, 01 February 2016 00:00

Get Involved With Joomla!

Anyone can contribute to Joomla and have a say in it’s future - including you! Joomla is 100% volunteer based and countless volunteers over the past ten years have made it what it is today. We are the future of Joomla and every person makes a difference. Our community is diverse and there are so many ways to contribute it can seem complicated. These tips will help you get involved with the Joomla community.
With a new year upon us and the 10 year anniversary of Joomla behind us we’re all looking to the future. This is the beginning of a new era in the Joomla community and what we do this year will shape our future. As individuals we have the power to change the community for the better and there is no better time than now to make positive changes. Here are some ways we can make a positive difference in our community this year.
Tuesday, 01 December 2015 00:00

Stay jMotivated After the JWC

The Joomla World Conference is always a high energy event and this year in Bangalore, India was no different. Being a JWC veteran I know that it provides us with motivation and inspiration. I also know that the motivation begins to fade after we get home. It’s easy to be motivated at a community event, but it's harder to stay motivated on your own. Here are some tips for keeping yourself involved with the community after an event.
Joomla! is a Content Management System (CMS) first and foremost, and a very sophisticated one at that. Joomla! offers so much flexibility and so many extensions, it can be easy to overlook basic core features that exist to help us manage and display our content.