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GSoC 2014 with the Project named SQL Optimization for Joomla CMS has come to an end which can be considered as a success full project according to my opinion. This project was not only otoptimize the queries but also to analyze the weaknesses and to find solution as well as research in new enhancements. After four months of hard work I came up with some solutions which can be identfied as the first step of a long journey of Joomla!'s database optimization. The vision of this project was to give my contribution to make Joomla! better than other Content Management Syetems and I hope I have given a contribution which will be a starting step of a long journey.
GSoC 2014 - SQL Optimization Project for Joomla CMS was the project I am involving at the moment. After spending more time on getting familiar with the Joomla core at the moment I have implemented several queries and hope to carry out the project in order to meet the final outcome.
Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00

SQL Optimization Project for Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS being one of the top Content Management Systems in the world, we need to consider more about improving the speed of Joomla CMS. The major focus of my GSoC project is to ensure that the overheads in database interactions are reduced and improving the speed of Joomla CMS.