Milena Mitova

Milena Mitova

Andrea Tarr’s book “PHP and MySQL 24-Hour Trainer” is a great educational tool for anyone who wants to learn how to work with PHP and MySQL. If you believe that programming books are generally dry, convoluted and hard to understand, you will be very pleasantly surprised by the neat, well-structured, and accessible way this book deals with its subject matter.
With the new 2.5 release comfortably settling in and the old 1.7 one almost at the end of its life, many site builders and users are asking what they should be doing next and what decisions they should be making regarding the update and maintenance of their websites. I was able to speak with quite a few Joomla! folks on the subject and got great feedback that I would like to share below.
Last year, I joined forces with JoomlaBlogger’s Kristoffer Sandven to give you 5 quick tactics to jump-start your Joomla! website’s SEO. This year I want to share with you 5 great and super-easy to read SEO guides that will enable you to gain a better understanding of what SEO really means and how you can use it to get great traffic to your site for free. So, without further ado, here goes...
Saturday, 01 October 2011 00:00

2011 Packt Awards: Vote for Joomla! Now!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Time to cast your vote in support of your favorite Open Source project.
“We are an animation company and we wanted a flexible site to explore what kids like in our projects. We wanted to build it on an open-source platform and HTML 5, because we think that’s the future. That’s the reason we chose Joomla!” -- Edorta Barruetabeña, SOMUGA PRODUKTORA S.L.
Monday, 01 August 2011 00:00

5 Great Reasons to Become a JCM Author

I have been part of the Joomla! Community Magazine team for an year now, and it has been a very rewarding and inspiring experience, not to mention the many new things I’ve learned and the wonderful people I have met as a result of my participation in the project. So I thought it would be a good idea to give you my five great reasons for being a JCM writer, hoping that this quick list would help those interested in contributing to the magazine make a more informed decision and hopefully join us soon. So here goes…
This month’s featured book is "Joomla! Explained — Your Step-by-Step Guide" by Steve Burge. The book is a great learning tool for newbies and an excellent everyday reference for Joomla! content publishers and managers. It’s equally valuable as a training resource for the website builders who want to use select chapters as standalone tutorials for their clients, and can serve as a sustainable hands-on knowledge management component for any organization that has deployed and is using Joomla! to establish and grow its web presence.
A new Joomla! book, Joomla! 24-Hour Trainer, is coming out next month. Its author is Jen Kramer, faculty member and program director of the Master’s of Science in Information Technology program at Vermont’s Marlboro College Graduate School. A long-time instructor, Jen teaches courses in conceptual web design, web applications, and internet marketing, and is also the co-owner of, a web development company that specializes in building highly customized Joomla! websites. Joomla! 24-Hour Trainer is Jen’s second book, coming a little more than a year after her first one, Joomla! Start to Finish: How to Plan, Execute, and Maintain Your Web Site.
As the number of websites worldwide continue to grow at an incredibly fast pace, and the race to be at the top of search engine result pages is getting more and more competitive, SEO optimization is hardly a matter of choice any more. If you want to bring more traffic to your website — and not just any traffic, but visitors who are uniquely attuned to and looking exactly for the services and products that you offer, then take the time to optimize your website — it’s free, it’s easy to do, and most importantly, if you do it right, you can see real and tangible results within several months, or even sooner.
When I ask my school customers about Joomla! and how it helps them do their job, they all have the same answer — they say that what used to take them hours to accomplish before, gets done in minutes with Joomla! — from adding new pages, to creating new events, to managing documents, etc.
A step-by-step tutorial on how you can easily create a professional-looking video library with the help of Amazon Web Services and HD FLV Player for Joomla! to provide a true YouTube-like experience for your users without impacting server performance and bandwidth use.