Alison Meeks

Alison Meeks

I have a passion for the web and social media. Used right it is such an amazing avenue to talk with people to get your message out, whether that be customers or just sharing your passion. Get rid of the spin, cut the bullshit and be authentic.

Life's a trip and if you think you have everything under control, think again! Everything can change in a moment. And it did! The journey to learning never stops.

I'm a blend of tech geek, Joomla Jockey, tree hugger and rock n roller! Though I play no music, I can't imagine my life without it. 

In addition to my own website design business I am also a member of the Joomla! Social Media Team, Team Lead for JET, Joomla Marketing & Communications, and help admin the Facebook Joomla! Group.

Sunday, 01 October 2017 12:34

Save, Save, Save

As an administrator on the Joomla! Facebook group, a while ago I saw that a member posted that he had clicked to update his site and it was broken. What could he do to get his site back?