Article Submission Guide

To coin a phrase from Abraham Lincoln (with his possible inspiration from predecessors), the JCM is “of the community, for the community, and by the community”. It provides resources, reviews, news and opinion on the Joomla! world, with an emphasis on all of the positive things happening in the Joomla! project and it's community. All content and publication rules fall under the guidance and oversight of the Joomla! CWG and OSM.

Our audience

The international Joomla community, including everyone from first time users to experienced developers. All submissions should be provided in UK English.

Word count

For most subjects, we are looking for articles consisting of approximately 400-650 words, with 500 words as a good target.

More in-depth articles will be considered depending on the subject matter. If you are interested in writing about a subject that is extremely long, consider breaking it up into a series of multiple articles. If this is the case, please submit a summary of your subject

Submission deadline

Please submit articles by the 20th of the month for publication on the 1st. Articles that are not submitted by the 20th may be held for a future issue.

What we look for

Successful article submissions will have the following in common:

  • The subject matter is interesting and relevant to the Joomla audience, and has a positive angle.

  • The articles present sufficient ‘stand alone’ information for the reader. This means that a high level of experience or knowledge is not required to understand the article. Including educational/explanatory links to other resources is encouraged!

  • Authors are members of the Joomla! community, e.g. users, commenter's, forum members, developers, documenter's, bug squad members, etc.

What to avoid

  • IMPORTANT: All article must abide by our Content Guidelines

  • Articles that do not have a direct connection to Joomla!

  • Self-promotional articles (example: an article about an extension written by the developer him/herself, or an employee). Even if the extension in question is free, the article will not be published. 

  • Articles that draw attention to issues/problems/concerns. Joomla! has other channels for that, but that isn't the purpose of the JCM.

  • Articles that are too advertorial in style-Rather than blatantly plug the writer’s own business, articles should employ the 'attraction' marketing principle, i.e. the author’s expertise is evident, but not obtrusive. For example, instead of writing about 'Why you need an SEO expert' or 'What an SEO expert can do for you', an article on 'Best practices for SEO' would work better.

  • Press Releases submitted as articles

  • Articles that are too similar to existing topics

  • Articles that require too much editing

Our expectation is for articles submitted to be as 'publication ready’ as possible. Any submissions requiring significant editing may not be considered. This could include overly long articles or previously published/written items which require excessive modifications. Previously published/written items are fine, provided that, prior to submission, the author has made the necessary edits in accordance with these guidelines.

Articles which are not in accordance with these guidelines may be rejected!

Interaction with readers

Articles will also allow readers to add comments, and we definitely favour articles that will generate constructive discussion. The magazine's most popular articles will likely  succeed in encouraging discussions with readers, so keep this in mind when writing your article.

Pre-launch article submission process-what we require

For the initial magazine issue, we ask potential contributors to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their article which complies with these guidelines and includes the following:

  1. Headline-Do not capitalize every word of the headline Edit-This point is being discussed and is under review. Should titles have all key words capitalized? That is the practice on the Community site.
  2. Summary/Teaser-A one paragraph summary which allows readers to quickly find out what your article is about.
  3. Article-Typically 400-650 words, begin with an introductory paragraph.
  4. About the author-A one paragraph summary about you. You may include a link to a website you are associated with.
  5. Photo: A head/shoulders photo, in .jpg format, square sized up to 640x640 pixels. These images will be resized to square sized 64x64pixels for publishing in the magazine.

Style Guide summary

  • All spelling should be in UK English.

  • Review Words to watch and insure that your article has the correct spelling for those commonly misspelled words.

  • Write numbers one to nine as words and numbers 10 and above as numerals.

  • Where possible, avoid mentioning specific companies or organisations in your article unless it is relevant to your subject.

  • If you want to emphasise a phrase or word, use italics rather than underlining. Readers assume underlined text is hyperlinked.

  • Titles of books should be presented in italics.

  • Our preferred date format is day/month/year, e.g. 1 January 2011.

  • Write “20 to 30”, not “20-30”.

  • For most subjects, we are looking for articles consisting of approximately 400-650 words, with 500 words as a good target.

  • Headlines should not have all words capitalized. Edit-This point is being discussed and is under review. Should titles have all key words capitalized? That is the practice on the Community site.

  • The style and tone should be clear, concise, positive, and upbeat.

  • A more complete style guide will be published soon.


You retain full copyright for published work, but copyright on published articles will also be shared with OSM. If one of your JCM articles is to be published later elsewhere, a link to this magazine is requested, but not required. OSM reserves the right to re-publish your JCM article(s) in other media/formats in the future.

Author License Agreement

Before your article will be published, we will ask that you agree to our Author License Agreement (ALA), which will detail the terms of publication. The final wording of the ALA is still being developed, but the general points are:

  • You confirm that you are the original author of the article and that you have the copyright to the article.

  • You understand that submitting an article does not guarantee it will be published in the JCM.

  • You agree to allow your article to be edited by the JCM team.

  • You agree that the CWG and OSM reserves the right to remove your article from the magazine website.

  • You agree that OSM may re-publish your article in other media/formats in the future.


If you have questions about submitting an article or other aspects of the magazine, please post a message in the Joomla! Community Magazine forum at the Joomla! Discussion Forums.

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