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Whenever Amy Stephen contacts you saying 'Would you be interested...' you know that something very exciting is being planned. This is what happened to us way back in February 2010. 'Yes!' was the no-brain answer and there hasn't been a minute of regret during this amazing journey being part of Team EaSE.


Introduction to Paul Orwig, our Joomla! Community Magazine Editor followed and it is a real pleasure to work with such a receptive, organised and effective Leader.

The team gathered, enthused by being able to 'give back' to the Joomla! Community as part of this project. We were first off the blocks whilst the rest of the Magazine planning took place which has given us more time to get to know each other as a Group. We have had time to learn each other's strengths and how best to channel these skills. Energy was and is high, everything was new; we picked up the ball and ran!

The more we studied our category the more Neri & Hils realised the enormity of our subject. We saw the need to focus on particular types of extensions and services in depth rather than to suggest what was good or was not good for use on a Joomla! site. We wanted to provide facts not opinions and as a result of our formal testing, with a little added guidance for new Joomla! Users, this is how we are presenting our work. Then Neri came up with the excellent idea of starting with Template Frameworks as our first subject and the work really began.


We had to decide how to communicate. Paul has set up official channels but we wanted to brainstorm in our own space whilst reporting regularly to our Chief Editor. Initially we used a Google Group but it wasn't efficient enough to keep up with all the ideas! So now we use a Skype group open 24/7, regular Skype voice meetings and organized Google Docs for each Magazine issue where everyone contributes their part of the task. It works - functional, fast and fun.

Having set up our work plan how did we choose the first four template frameworks? Simple - a blind draw, making it fair for everyone.

What happened next?

You can see the result! Ideas, suggestions to improve welcome. But if Amy and Joomla! call be sure to say yes - every single one of us on Team EaSE would say that is has been a great way to give back to Joomla! and the Joomla! Community and an excellent way to get involved.

...one year on, February 2011 sees a new Team Lead, Brian "Sully" Sullivan carrying the flag for Team EaSE into year 2 of its existence.

Check out the current Team!

All Members of Team EaSE use Joomla! and associated Extensions and Services in our daily work. We have taken particular care to ensure that no personal opinions are used in our reports and that all Extensions & Services are evaluated on a level playing field.

We sincerely thank the Developers of the items we assess—we appreciate the time taken and the enthusiastic responses to our requests. We are also very grateful for the access our Team has freely been given. Thank you!

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Team EaSE

Team EaSE

Current Team EaSE Members: Bo Astrup, Babs Gösgens, Brian 'Sully' Sullivan (Team Lead), Miljan Vujosevic

Grateful thanks also to Steve Burge

Past Members: Hilary Cheyne, Amy Stephen, Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos, Neri Valentin-Macias

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