Making Your Joomla Event Welcoming for All


There's a famous story about Harald MacMillan, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1957 to 1963. When asked by a journalist, "What do you fear the most in politics or what could most easily derail your government's agenda?" He supposedly replied:

"Events, dear boy, events."

Indeed, events can be fraught with unseen dangers when planning. Let's explore the key considerations to make your Joomla event truly welcoming for all.

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Protecting your resources from web attacks using a new Feature called FetchMetadata


In June 2020 Google published an article called “Protect your resources from web attacks with Fetch Metadata” on It's a new set of request headers to protect your site against common attack vectors for web applications.

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When the Covid-19 couldn’t stop Students, Joomla triumph in the Arab nation of Oman.

December-Markathon Education outreach

In the new era of the knowledge-based economy where digitalisation and online learning has become the new norm, how do we keep up with the teaching of Joomla among students especially when the pandemic has greatly impacted us all? Joomla Education Outreach...

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How to increase Joomla’s market share

How to increase Joomla's market share

Joomla is an amazing piece of software. It’s extremely powerful, super flexible and very reliable. With Joomla, you can create any kind of website. I know that. You probably know that. But the rest of the world? Not so much, which translates in Joomla’s market share dropping. The good news is: I can do something about that, and so can you.

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Joomla 15 years later - Founders' memories: Brian Teeman


The Joomla! Project was founded on August 2005 and some people in the Community might have joined a few years later, not knowing which were the emotions felt or the challenges that were faced by the founders of the project. After 15 years and countless releases of Joomla, we're happy to take a moment to collect the memories of those people who started this Project and founded our amazing Community.

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