What does it mean for me to be part of a global community, specifically the Joomla community?


I recently had an interesting conversation with my daughter. She couldn't believe I grew up in a house without a telephone. We got a phone when I was 13 years old. But the reason for getting it was primarily to keep in touch with my grandma. Just calling a friend was expensive at that time. Who you spent your free time with was determined by who lived nearby. Today, I enjoy not limiting my activities primarily to people in my local area. On the Internet, I can easily communicate with people who share my interests.

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Joomla Stack Exchange has Graduated!


I am excited to announce some big news for Joomla Stack Exchange (JSE) - the most advanced platform for sharing knowledge and support for Joomla users. Before I do, let me tell you about my Joomla "origin story" so that you understand why I'm so thrilled.

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JoomlaDay USA 2021 - A retrospective on the first US-wide virtual event

JoomlaDay USA 2021 - A retrospective on the first US-wide virtual event

On April 23 and 24, our ad hoc team* pulled off a JoomlaDay like no other, despite pandemic restrictions on travel and social gathering.

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How I learned Joomla - Abhishek Das


When Abhishek Das was looking for a more dynamic way to manage his blog website, he tried several content management systems. He chose Joomla because of its flexibility. Abhishek wasn’t trained as a web developer (he studied mechanical engineering), but after his first website, he started developing extensions nevertheless and learned programming during the process.

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How I learned Joomla - Steven Trooster

Steven Trooster

Steven Trooster’s first Joomla website was a festival site. The main challenges: an event calendar, a registration form and a mailing list. And on top of it all, the site had to be multilingual. Steven was experienced in building sites using Dreamweaver and other tools, but he hardly used a content management system before (except for a short fling with Typo3). How did he learn? With the help of the community!

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How I learned Joomla - Dénes Székely


From coders to content managers and from designers to developers: everyone in our community has had a starting point. And we all learn in different ways. Dénes Székely, for instance, started out as a programmer, created his first websites by using raw HTML and Javascript and discovered Mambo when he was looking for a way to manage a large, multilingual website.

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How I learned Joomla - Julie Steffers


We all learn in different ways. Some of us learn by following written step-by-step instructions with or without screenshots, some by watching tutorial videos, some by asking others, and some by clicking around to see what happens. For Julie Steffers, it was a bit of ‘all of the above’. When she needed to create an intranet website, she started out by launching a website on launch.joomla.org, the platform that enables you to build fully functional Joomla websites and experience how Joomla works (for free!). And she learned a lot along the way.

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How I learned Joomla - Eoin Oliver

Eoin Oliver

Eoin Oliver can’t really remember when he made his first Joomla website, but he does remember that it was a very cool one, and how amazed he was to have professional software to build it with. He played around with several different systems before he decided to go with Joomla.

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Kids build websites - new blood for the Joomla project


From 14 to 19 April 2020 the German-speaking Joomla community started the project "Kids bauen Webseiten” (Kids build websites).

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Your first project proposal? Do not worry!


A guide on things to consider when writing a proposal as a Joomla freelancer.

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