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Writing Documentation for Joomla

Joomla documentation is plentiful and easy for anyone to contribute to. Over the years the Joomla Documentation Wiki has grown considerably, which in itself is good, but also brings challenges.

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A builder's guide to Guided Tours


In the last magazine article: Guiding you through Guided Tours, we looked at guided tours (available in Joomla 4.3) and walked through their use. We stopped at the point of creating a guided tour as an administrator and as a developer.
Now we will finish that journey so you can build your own!

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Guiding you through Guided Tours


Whenever Joomla gets picked as a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) candidate there is a flurry of activity around several projects. In 2022 one of the projects put forward was Guided Tours. This is a project that has been tackled by several students over several years and each one has nudged closer to the finishing line, but never quite got there. That's why it's especially gratifying to see Guided Tours as the main feature of the Joomla 4.3 release. It's the culmination of a lot of teamwork and a great example of what can be achieved if you just keep at it.

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Document Buddies - making Joomla better without writing a line of code


Many things are attributed to Albert Einstein which probably never left his mouth, but one that seems to stick is:

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

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Docusaurus to the rescue for developers


In a hotel conference room in Darmstadt, Germany, a small team of Joomla enthusiasts got to grips with Docusaurus, taming the beast to the advantage of the Joomla developer community. This neat package of software is probably the most important change in Joomla documentation for a long time, and with the added bonus of slaying the dreaded MediaWiki captcha once and for all!

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Joomla 4 - Where to find documentation


This month in the Joomla 4 series, we take a look at what documentation is available for Joomla 4.

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Joomla 4, the Book - by Simon Grange

Joomla 4 book by Simon Grange

Joomla 4 was released on August 17th. As a new major version, it brings its share of new features (you can have an overview of these novelties at
Simon Grange, CEO of Cinnk, well-known contributor in the French Community, wrote a book, available in French and English, to help newbies and usual users to learn how to use the new features and create a website using Joomla 4. Let's talk about this book with him.

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