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Showtime! Joomlers show sites they’re proud of


After our special showcase article for Joomla’s 18th birthday last month, we got messages from more Joomla-enthusiasts willing to show their work in the Joomla Community Magazine. Check out these websites, all built with love, passion, craftsmanship and Joomla! 

Adam Melcher about https://mediaserve.com

MediaServe screenshot

This project was built with the latest Joomla! 4 version and is 95% core Joomla (except for the ajax search module and contact form).

MediaServe screenshot 2

Most of the content can be edited by the content team via the Joomla frontend editing pages and it utilizes the newest category custom fields alongside article custom fields to allow for easy editing and maintenance of content pages. The Support Knowledge Base was built using a single menu link which, combined with the category's subcategories, allowed us to display multiple levels of child support categories in an easy and intuitive display.

Ben Seidel about https://www.ictmjc.com 

ICTMJC screenshot

Our team at Igniting Business thoroughly enjoyed building a new website for ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic on Joomla 4! This is actually the second site we’ve built for the client. We built their first website on Joomla 3 when they started their company in 2016 and the second on Joomla 4 in 2023.

This was a very fun project to work on as the owners ecstatically embraced a dark-themed website with unique touches of glass morphism, multi-toned iconography, a robust mega menu, and non-traditional section dividers.

ICTMJC screenshot 2

Even though this client has two clinics local to Kansas, they are also now reaching more customers throughout the United States via their up-and-coming video library, telehealth options, and their vetted recommended health and physical therapy products.

In addition to web design, we also work on the client’s SEO and marketing which made Joomla a perfect fit for a well-rounded high performance website!

Peter Martin about https://labrysreizen.nl 

Labrys Reizen screenshot

This Dutch group travel website is intended for people who want to participate in a cultural or nature group trip, accompanied by an experienced travel guide. And for organizations that want to organize such a trip for their company, school or group.

The Joomla 4 website was co-developed by Remco Janssen (crossmediacreations.nl) and Peter Martin (db8.nl) with 'stick to the core' in mind. Remco focused on the front-end layout using YOOtheme Pro. Peter focused on the functionality: All trips are articles and Joomla's custom fields are used to connect them to other articles (guides, countries, contacts, themes, transport and partners).

Labrys Reizen screenshot 2

Visitors can filter the trips using a custom Trip Filter created with a custom plugin and module. Via a form, visitors can book a trip or be placed on the reserve list if the trip is fully booked.

The website is mobile-friendly and scores well with Google Lighthouse.

Robert White about https://merlin-industrial.com 

Merlin Industrial screenshot

We started using Joomla (1.5) and quickly grew the site and traffic. There was a glitch whilst we had Joomla 3 and Eshop, due to the long wait for J4. While we waited, we moved the content to WordPress and WooCommerce. This was never ideal, as WordPress struggled with lots of content and the backend was too slow.

Merlin Industrial screenshot 2

As soon as Joomla 4 arrived, we moved back and were one of the early adopters. This was problematic as early on a lot of the Joomla extensions were still being updated. We worked a lot with Eshop, and they were most helpful. Other problems were the smart search plugin, though this has not been rectified. Joomla 4 is a lot easier and quicker to add content to and having used several versions, as well as the main competitor, we can state quite categorically that Joomla is the quickest and easiest CMS to add content to.

Josean Telleria about www.acvmultimedia.com 

ACV Multimedia screenshot

Our website www.acvmultimedia.com is more than 15 years old and contains 1888 links. We updated everything and reduced the weight of the website thanks to the new Joomla 4 and the dynamic content offered by YOOtheme PRO.

ACV Multimedia screenshot 2

All our works are articles with Joomla custom fields but with the integration of YOOtheme we are able to visualize everything in the way the website is right now.

As an added detail we have placed the carbon footprint of our website in the footer :)

Bruce Petrarca about https://mrdccu.com

Mr. DCC's University screenshot

In 2000, I started Litchfield Station as an online business and created an e-commerce website writing my own code in Dreamweaver. When I sold the business in 2010, I took the intellectual property to a new website (mrdccu.com), which remained linked to the LitchfieldStation.com. The fellow who purchased Litchfield Station hired someone else to do his website and the websites diverged.

Mr. DCC's University screenshot 2

When I needed an alternative to SandVox as a web design tool, I was introduced to Joomla! 3. There was quite a learning curve, but it was worthwhile, because of the fact that the design engine resides on the website, not on the device that’s being used to access it. Thus I could edit on my phone. I’ve since moved to Joomla! 4. 

My pride comes from the fact that I can build the site I want without customizing code.

Harald Leithner about https://elf.viennavikings.com 

Vienna Vikings screenshot

The Vienna Vikings is a franchise of the European League of Football and is the 2022 champion and on the best way to be 2023 champion again.

Vienna Vikings screenshot 2

The Websites are mostly Joomla core with our own components and a custom template and plugin.

Crystal Dionysopoulos about https://opendoorswa.org 

Open Doors screenshot

This site encompassed a complete rebranding of the organization and a reimagining of how their clients and supporters interact with them. Before we even got to the website, it was an involved UX process which upended how the site was originally structured. Now things are easier to find, and the site is much calmer, more welcoming, and happier. 

Custom fields and the use of the contacts and web links components make this site easier for my client to manage, too. 

Open Doors screenshot 2

It was a long process and long project, but my client is really happy with the results and so am I. I just love the colors and curves!

Daniel Dubois about https://templatejoomla.com 

TemplateJoomla screenshot

Mera Bader and I are very proud of Templatejoomla because:

  • only 2 people imagined and built it and many Joomlers improved it with their smart advice and kind feedback. This is really a community project.
  • it's THE Joomla Templates Directory that all the Joomla template developers were expecting since 18 years.
  • this directory seems to be useful to many Joomla users. Thanks to them for using the site and for their numerous very positive feedbacks.
  • this directory makes things easier for those who are looking for Joomla templates. They can find all the templates in one place. 
  • this directory demonstrates that Joomla can handle a lot of contents with very few extensions. 
  • this project is our way to contribute,  support, and show our love for Joomla on a daily basis. 
  • and finally because both Mera and I are working (really) hard every day to make this directory better for everyone! 

TemplateJoomla screenshot 2

Shawn Wray about https://www.3tmi.org 

Think on These Things screenshot

I am very proud of this Joomla website because of the ease of using Joomla and its reliability. We decided to use Joomla because it has multilingual support built-in to the core, while WordPress requires you to use a third-party plugin. Joomla lets you use different templates for different pieces of content, whereas in WordPress you can only use one theme. I didn’t even consider other content management systems, I was completely sold on using Joomla as my CMS.

Eric Darling about https://www.memorialdayschool.com 

Memorial School screenshot

Memorial Day School is a private school in Savannah, Georgia. This Joomla 4 site utilizes many Joomla native features, along with various third-party components such as DP Calendar, Community Builder, JoomDonation, Engage Box and SP Page Builder.

Besides enabling parents to pay securely for tuition, school lunch, textbooks and athletic event tickets, it also facilitates a newly consolidated database for the Alumni Association, which has seen tremendous growth due to the ease of signing up and managing one’s own contact data. Registered alumni can log in to download a PDF of any of the school’s historic yearbooks from over the years and make donations any time.

Memorial School screenshot 2

The calendar and news items can be easily managed by school administrators without the intervention of a web developer right on the front end of the site. Extra attention has been paid to responsive use on mobile devices as well.

Tell me why we aren’t doing this again next month

Ah. We could do that, showcase Joomla sites in each and every issue of the Joomla Community Magazine. The more, the better, right?

Well... yes... but: Joomla already has a great resource for checking out what you can build with it. It’s called the Showcase directory, you’ll find it here: https://showcase.joomla.org.

In a JCM article you have only 150 words to explain why you're proud of this website. The Showcase directory gives you much more room for an in-depth explanation of what you’ve made and how you did it. If the site complies with the simple rules for the Showcase directory, it gets approved and your site(s) will get listed, so the whole world can see Joomla’s potential. 

That is good for you, because your wonderful work is visible in an awesome directory, but it is also good for Joomla. It shows the power of Joomla in all its varieties. So if you haven’t submitted any of your sites to the Showcase directory yet: do it. Now. 

And if you don’t have anything to show, but would like to help others show their sites, join the Showcase team. Email Sébastien Lapoux: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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