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In cyberspace where dangers creep


In cyberspace where dangers creep,
Your secrets kept are not that deep,
Beware the hackers, lurking near,
They'll steal your data, and cause you fear.

They breach your walls, your defenses weak,
Your passwords frail, they easily sneak.
Your data exposed, a hacker's delight,
In shadows they lurk, ready to smite.

But if you're wise and take the lead,
With caution, you can thwart their greed,
Encrypt your data, stay aware,
To cyber threats, you'll not be snared.

Employ strong keys, a robust defense,
In every click, in every sense.
Cyber hygiene, your trusted shield,
Your vulnerabilities, they'll never yield.

In passwords strong and updates wise,
In firewalls tall, your shield shall rise,
Encrypt your data, guard your gate,
The hackers' thirst, you'll mitigate.

With knowledge and caution, you'll stay intact,
No hacker's grip, no malicious attack.
Security's your ally, your shield and your guide,
With the right steps taken, you'll safely reside.

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