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The Power of Open Source


Users don't want to feel locked into what a software platform provides. Open source comes to the rescue! Open source software means that the source code for that software is publicly available to be used and modified within the developer community. This type of software promotes collaboration, transparency, and mutual benefits. 

Here’s what the power of open source offers and what it means when working with Joomla.

Constant Improvements

The open environment provides an opportunity for developers to continually make the software better, adding new features, addressing bugs and issues, and ensuring everything performs properly. These constant improvements also address security flaws or new issues that arise as hackers change their tactics. The work may also involve finding ways to integrate the software with other new tools and platforms. 


Open source solutions tend to be free, which makes them a cost-effective option for so many businesses -- from startups and small businesses to nonprofits and enterprises. The ability to deliver something free often appeals to developers who are focused on doing good for others.   

Inspirational and Innovative

Making the source code available also allows for new solutions to emerge from that existing code. Developers can see how various segments of code can assist them on other projects. In that way, the power of the open source is paid forward into other open source solutions. 

Transparency and Accountability

Open source means truly open, including making the contributions of developers clear through listing the details about who has provided what to the open source software. This creates a transparent process that holds each developer accountable for what they do to change the open source software.

Joomla as Open Source Software

Since the day Joomla was created and released in 2005, it has been fueled by the power of open source. In fact, the name Joomla comes from the Swahil word, “jumla,” which means ‘as a whole’ or ‘all together.” And, over the last 15 years, thousands have come together to generate thousands of extensions, including modules, templates, and plugins. Each has contributed parts that make the “whole” of Joomla even better.

Since its launch, Joomla has been maintained and supported by a developer community who believes that its functionality and features should remain free to everyone. Using the open source content management system platform means you get the expertise and experience of extension developers, integrators, and numerous IT professionals. 

Their open source contributions have added to the usability and flexibility, intuitive capabilities, responsiveness, and functionality of Joomla as a content management system. 

Being grounded in open source means that Joomla has many features that other content management systems may not offer. These differentiating features include multilingualism, search functionality, front-end editing, scalability MVC structure, responsive website design, and rights management

Business Benefits of Using Open Source Software Like Joomla

Although some of the above benefits also impact positively on a business, there is a larger business case for using open source software solutions like Joomla:

  • Flexibility and agility to add functionality that your business needs to accomplish multiple strategic objectives rather than depending on a vendor to do it for you;  
  • Speed to get your business in front of your audience much more quickly rather than waiting for licensing, vendors, and training;
  • Scalability to go from simple versions to more complex platforms that can handle the increased bandwidth of a growing company;  
  • Integration capability to add other tools, as needed, that can assist with various organizational and operational needs, such as migrating from in-person work to the remote environment; and
  • Solid security assistance that is continually updated versus commercial software that takes time to provide a new, more secure version.

When it comes to powering your business, open source software like Joomla is a good choice now and for the future.

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