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JUG Round Up September 2017

JUG Round Up September 2017

Welcome to the JUG Round Up! It's time to see what's been happening with Joomla! User Groups around the world.

Many thanks to Sandra Thevenet for the new cover image for the JUGs. Thank you, Sandra!

In the last couple of months, we have three brand new Joomla! User Groups in Tampa, Dehni/NCR and Tenerife. Welcome!

Joomla! User Group Tampa

Joomla! User Group Delhi/NCR

Joomla! User Group Tenerife

From existing JUGs and what they’re doing in the next month or two:

From Jennifer Gress

JUG Bay Area had an awesome Pizza, Bugs and Fun event August 12th in beautiful Oakland, CA. We really enjoyed ourselves while helping test bugs and get fixes to the point they could be merged. We did better than we did for our first PBF and are so glad we’ve committed to making this at least an annual event.

From Jay Blaq

The Joomla! User Group Tampa Florida is moving forward with monthly meetups at the request of it users. The User Group has been growing over the past year due to the success and networking of JoomlaDay Florida. In the past few months, the User Group has focused on the latest Joomla news and features of Joomla 3.7. The August JUG Meeting was held at the Tampa Microsoft Store Media Center and featured a talk by Jason Nickerson and a Skype conversation with the UX Team leader Jonathan Magoga.

From Johan van der Velde & Leon Kolenburg

JUG Maastricht began after the Joomladays 2016 by Johan van der Velde and Leon Kolenburg. After a few meetings we had our first JUG meeting in June. The University Maastricht supports us by providing our new group space to facilitate those meetings. From the beginning our goal was to find some people who are also enthusiastic about Joomla and want to learn more about Joomla. The first year we planned 4 meetings, for next year we have 6 meetings planned!

For every meeting we have a theme/topic and we provide a demonstration with sometimes a guest speaker who will do a presentation. Those presentations will be about security, installation, templates, web shops, multi language website, Backups etc.

We generally have about 10-15 persons at meetings. We start the evening with the news about Joomla and some tips and tricks. After summer we will add a new item where every person can propose a website and we will talk about it; what is well and what could be better.

Our next meeting is in October where Jeroen Moolenschot from Joomill is going to tell us more about Hikashop. And we are working on our program for 2018.

Please join us if you are interested and in the area. Feel free to contact us.

From Philip Walton and Eoin Oliver

JUG London is planning a meeting where we have a race to see who can install Joomla the fastest. We will record via video for the world to see. We will do this meeting by the end of the year. Typically our meetings consist of Joomla! Project news and discuss new/favourite extensions people use. We also ask new members if they're having any issues they need assistance with.

If you would like to attend, take part, or have any questions, please reach out.

From Randy Carey

Joomla! User Network Twin Cities September meeting will have the group share their Joomla activities over the summer and there will be an overview of features coming in 3.8 (mostly the new router). In October's meeting, Randy Carey will present "How Joomla Builds Pages," and how this relates to Joomla leveraging plugins and allows for variations of layouts. Joomla! User Network Twin Cities meets the first Tuesday of each month. Join us if you can! We welcome you!

Are you a JUG and want to share with the world what you’re up to? Then simply let us know in the JUG Organisers chat on Glip or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Want to start a JUG? Simply head over to the Rules and FAQs and then submit a ticket and we’ll work together to process it.

See you in the next month or two in the JUG Round Up.

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