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Did they fix it yet?

Did they fix it yet?

Joomla 3.4.4 is scheduled for release on Monday 7th September and a release candidate is available for testing. Each time there is a new release, whether its a bug fix release or a new feature release, you will always find people asking "have they fixed this yet?" or complaining that "this bug that has been there for years" has still not been fixed.

A different question.

Did you report it? Did you see a proposed fix and test it?

Joomla is a community project - there are no employees - so there is no they there is only you. Joomla has members from across the world and with some amazing skills and talents. I've yet to find anyone who has mind reading skills. Joomla can be used in almost limitless ways to build almost any type of web site so while a bug might be obvious to you it might not be to anyone else.

Don't sit back and wait for someone else to stumble across that bug that you have to fix yourself on every update or that you moan about every time you use Joomla.

Reporting a bug

This is easy and takes less time to do than it takes to read this article. Just go to http://issues.joomla.org - do a quick search to make sure it has not already been reported - and create a bug report. To make it even easier for you each Issue Report has a series of questions to help you. Please don't just delete the questions and write your own - those questions are there to help you AND the people who will read the report.

It doesn't stop at the report

A great report will have everything needed for someone to replicate your issue but it's more than likely that someone will reply to your report with a question. So make sure that you read the email notification and reply with clarification. (You'd be amazed at the number of reports that make no progress as the reporter never responds).

Testing the fix

Once others have confirmed the issue hopefully another Joomler will propose a solution. This will be in a new issue on the tracker but you will be notified of the link in your report. Please don't think that your task is over. Go to the issue with the proposed solution and test it and if it works (or doesn't work) make sure that you post your findings. A solution will not be accepted until it has at least two successful tests.

No software is ever bug free - it's a constant journey - so get on the road and participate instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching.


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