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Leadership Highlights September 2014

Leadership Highlights September 2014

September - while the leaves have not left the tree yet, the change of color that provides an astonishing picture is also the sign that change is ahead. Only two months before a huge part of our community meets at the Joomla World Conference (JWC) in Cancun, Mexico. Only four months for Joomla 2.5 to become end of life.

The Joomla Event Traveller Programme Committee had a hard job to make a fair and good choice from the many applications they received. Up to 16 active project volunteers and community members are chosen from the list to be supported to attend the Joomla World Conference. The names will be published soon. We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

Joomla for free...

An important announcement has been published last week about the new partnership with SiteGround. This hosting company will serve a new and improved Joomla Demo. Next to the 90-day demo that will be launched this month there will be a Free Joomla Hosting option coming later this year.

The Joomla Demo has been hosted since 2010 by Cloud Access and provided many new users the chance to test drive and build their Joomla website. Open Source Matters wishes to thank Cloud Access and their team for their fantastic work and collaboration that was of huge benefit to the Joomla Project. Even though this partnership ends for the demo hosting, OSM is confident that a fruitful relationship will be maintained with Cloud Access.

Talking about migrations…

Only four month support for Joomla 2.5 left, and still there are users scratching their heads about how to migrate their 1.5 website to the latest version. Sound familiar? Do you have knowledge to share or can you help write good documentation on it? Then this article is a good read and learn how you can sign up for the brand new Update Working Group. Your reward will be endless gratitude from many Joomla users.

Hands on...

What happened to Joomla version 3.4 ? You might have wondered when this new big release will be expected. What are the features? What is the plan? The Production Leadership Team published information about it. Read it carefully and don’t just read, get in touch and volunteer to help. No better time than to do it right now where the contribution process is simplified.

Bye bye JoomlaCode…

From the active volunteers on the Bug Tracker, a sound of relief was heard when the Production Leadership Team announced that contributions to the CMS will no longer require a JoomlaCode tracker item. After months of hard work the new tracker on issues.joomla.org helps make contributions to the Joomla CMS easy as never before.

More hands on…

Finally, after waiting a long time for it, there is a date set for the next Pizza, Bugs & Fun event. On October 17th everyone can attend virtually, joining on venues all over the world, or simply at home to work on improving Joomla 3 and 2.5 and fix as many bugs as possible. Sign up and join and make sure your logo will be published on that page.

On the road…

A great list of JoomlaDays all over the world in September:

And... of course you already booked your ticket and travel to the Joomla World Conference on November 7 - 9. If not, do it right now!

Joomla! 3 - The Book for Everyone


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