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Great Results at JoomlaDay México City 2014

Great Results at JoomlaDay México City 2014

For the third time a JoomlaDay took place in Mexico, this year on July 17-18, a 2-day event organized by the Official Mexico City JUG. I can summarize the #JdayMX14 by saying that it was: participatory, international, and with many new faces.

Sponsoring for people from other cities.

An open invitation across the country was made to people prior to the event, with a budget to pay for transport and accommodation for those requiring support. Finally four people from the following cities were selected (note the distance that each one came):

  1. 2 people from Zitlala, GUERRERO, 300km away;
  2. 1 from Toluca, STATE OF MEXICO, 60 miles away;
  3. 1 from Puebla, PUEBLA 120 miles away.

There were also accompanied visits to:

  1. Cancun, QUINTANA ROO, which is located at 1600km away;
  2. Veracruz, VERACRUZ, 400km;
  3. Hermosillo, SONORA; 1800 miles away:
  4. León, GUANAJUATO, about 400km:
  5. Guadalajara, JALISCO, 530 km.

Speakers from other CMS's were invited to speak at the Jday.

Following international trends, it was decided to invite speakers from Wordpress and Drupal to the JdayMX14. It was a very interesting exchange, and in return we received a JUG invitation to speak about Joomla at:

  1. PHP Mexico City (September 2014)
  2. Drupal CON (2015)

Participating attendees

With an active participation of about 80 to 90 people, several minutes throughout the conference were devoted to present the community and talk about the qualities of a Joomla user. In the streaming chat, the average was around 30 simultaneous users.

The Joomla communities in Mexico together

While it is natural to have two or more Joomla communities in the same city, there is no reason to keep them apart during important Joomla events. This was the reason why the community "Joomla Mexico" had its presentation at the JdayMX14, by Ernesto Morales and Cristian Vega.

Our main sponsor, Microsoft Mexico, supported us with:

  1. The venue, with seating for 200 people
  2. Car parking discount, charging only 25 pesos per day (1.3 euros, 2 usd)
  3. Streaming with Linc platform (chat and webcam included)
  4. Recording the presentations, which will be available in the coming weeks
  5. Coverage of airfarefor Javier Mendoza from Spain
  6. And the most important: Support for future events, not only for Mexico, but for all Latin America Joomla communities

J!DayMX14 set a great precedent for the JWC14 in Cancún

Every effort has one goal in mind: to make clear that these meetings and events are FOR the community and this is just a taste of what can be seen in the JWC14 in Cancun. This JoomlaDay sets a precedent of contributing towards the upcoming world conference in Cancun by motivating many new, local people to attend, thus assuring its success.

If you coordinate or manage a Joomla community in Latin America, please feel free to contact Carlos Olivares to get more information on how your Joomla event can be sponsored by Microsoft. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration and welcome at the JdayMX14

Ryan Ozimek, Javier Mendoza, Carlos Olivares

Ryan Ozimek, former President of OSM
Claudio Morales @pronuer, PHP México community leader and Microsoft Openness staff
Paco Corona, Microsoft Azure product Leader
Javier Mendoza, speaker from Spain


Luciano Marínez, speaker, Jug staff and Jday Staff
ALejandro Kurczyn, speaker and very participative JUG member
Carlos Olivares, speaker, Jug staff and Jday Staff

Ryan talking to the JDayMX14 audience

Paco Corona, Azure produc leader talking about Azure

Last day of Jday MX

A commemorative shirt with a motif that specifically identified that Mexico is a Joomla Day was designed. The same motif was used in stickers and badges for attendees.

Soon: More photos, speakers presentations and videos: www.joomladaymexico.com

Video Interviews (in spanish) recorded during the JdayMX14 by Microsoft Openness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZfAHIIFLFg Javier Mendoza, speaker from Spain

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sjo0FdGjsB4 Luciano Martínez, JdayMX14 Staff

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI-Axd4Ye48 Marco Zink Wordpress speaker

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Upiacj8nxVw Alejandro Kurczyn Founder at JoomlaXTC and JUG active member

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymk424O38KY Cristian Vega “Joomla Mexico” community leader

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-nL_vCX_68 Carlos Olivares JdayMX14 Staff


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