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Fantastic Joomlaholics' Meeting in Jawor, Poland

Fantastic Joomlaholics' Meeting in Jawor, Poland

Meetings between Joomla! enthusiasts surprise me each time! These EXCELLENT people who want to study in order to know everything about Joomla. Relationships become something more than only a common training, work, or doing business. Warmly, I thank you for the time spent together and these happy moments together. Our first Lower Silesia meeting of Joomla enthusiasts was held on the first day of holidays, June 6, 2014. I will repeat it once again: IT WAS EXCELLENT!

Perhaps you will say, Sławek, you write this way each time! When you are reading descriptions of meetings from other Joomla! User Groups, everyone writes this way: that it was great, fantastic and generally speaking super. I think that it is a sincere truth, it was just so for people who were there. Although each meeting is different, the emotions accompanying them are similar.

Are you wondering what this is all about? Why some people get so emotional about Joomla, which is only a tool for creating websites? It doesn't make sense!

The ones who think this way, don't notice something which at first glance can be too obvious. The truth is, that this question does not reflect the bottom of the matter. The proper question should rather be: Who is it? The answer is: People! It is they are creating the incredible community of mutual learning and motivating people.

Our meeting started 27.06.2014 at 16:00 in the Educational District Centre of the Constant Professional Training in Jawor (Poland).

Yes, the truth is, that we  started a little bit earlier, because I was lucky to greet our Wonderful Silesians: Dana Idzik and Michaeł Trzepizur.

For our guests we had very beautiful, luxury apartments in the Restaurant DUCAT (where the After Party was also held) and a few small gifts, such as: company JUG T-shirt Jawor made by Our partner - Jaworska Szuflada.

Danuta Idzik in T-shirt JUH Jawor

I began the workshop part of the meeting by greeting all participants, presenting the team of JUG organizers and  cooperating people, as well as invited persons! A few words about partners, sponsors, awards and places, a mention of the After Party, and at the end, a brief film with greetings from Saurabh Shah and the film showing the Joomla community! with My eyes (http://youtu.be/qysg6AOuk0c). 


The first talk, the debut of Michael Wargacki, JUG co-organizer, showed a very interesting component of the Smart Slider 2, through which we can build very interesting website. Michael showed examples of applications of the Smart Slider 2 and presented interesting tips & tricks on this component.

Michal Wargacki and Smart Slider 2

The next talk was mine, in a mega shortened version concerning a mechanism for controlling access to site content and the actions that users can perform in it.

Slawomir Pieszczek and ACL in Joomla! 3.x

Why a mega shortened version? Hmm, We had ordered pizza for 18:00...

After my presentation we suggested a break during which there was an opportunity to try 6 different types of pizza that were made specifically for the participants and donated by Our Sponsor: Pizzeria Nisza.

There was also coffee, tea and an excellent opportunity to get to know each other through casual conversations about Joomla!

Michał Trzepizur began the second part of the meeting. With natural eloquence and the accuracy he explained us why it was worthwhile and in what way to create automatic backup copies of Web sites. Now all those present at the meeting cannot have the excuse that the creation of backup copies is too difficult. 

Michal Trzepizur - how to create automatic backup copies of Websites

In conclusion of the series of the talks, was an incredibly enthusiastic address by Danuta Idzik! Danuta told about the handful of people who work for the Joomla! community. As she said herself:

What is most beautiful in it for everyone, is of course Our Community!

She made us aware of all the possibililties to volunteer, as well as how very much everyone can be of help!

She reminded, that Joomla! means ALL TOGETHER and each of us can have an impact on Joomla! development!  even translating a small extensions, or developing wiki.joomla.pl instructions.

Danuta Idzik - the Joomla! community

And at the end of the meeting was an extremely exciting prize-drawing funded by Joomla sponsors of User Group Jawor:

  • books;
  • templates;
  • extensions;
  • courses;

Everyone was sitting on pins and needles when Ewelina drew slips of paper with the written surnames of meeting participants. It's a great feeling to shake hands and see the smiling faces full of emotional people who heard their names! Prizes were so many that virtually no one left empty-handed!

Prize-drawing funded by Joomla sponsors! of User Group Jawor

Of course nobody could leave until we snapped shared photos.

Shared photos Joomla! User Group Jawor

Following the event we offered an After Party in the Restaurant DUKAT, where in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere people could talk and get to know each other better. Everyone could feel comfortable, since the restaurant was for our exclusive use. In memory of the delightful service and unforgettable climate we left our Joomla! Footprint in the Visitors' Book.

Our Joomla! Footprint in the Visitors' Book in restaurant DUKAT

The After Party went on until midnight!

The next day, after breakfast, we proposed to our Silesians - Dana and Michael, a sightseeing tour of Jawor and its surroundings. We showed them among others: the Church of the Peace known worldwide and the fine Jawor's old town. During the walk in the city a few surprises met us! Firstly, every now and then we ran into acquaintances whom we had gotten to know a day earlier, and secondly, it's amazing - we met a participant of our meetings dressed in our JUG Jawor T-shirt!

We met a participant of Our meetings dressed in our JUG Jawor T-shirt

Next we took Danuta and Michael for the short walk in the Myslibórz Gorge to be able to get some healthy crisp air, and to see unique ferns! After burning a considerable amount of the calories we took a  short rest and supplemented burnt calories during the dinner in the Cascade bar.

Short walk in the Myslibórz Gorge

Then the time came when it was necessary to say goodbye to our guests from Silesia. It was a bit sad, but the fact that soon we will meet again is comforting! After all soon there will be a remarkable, great all-Polish Event: Joomla! Day Poland 2014 in Warsaw, Poland.

We hope, to have another Joomla meeting User Group Jawor towards the end of the year, filled with even more impressions, knowledge and new Joomlaholics! Details coming soon!

From this meeting you will see more snapshots on our Fanpage: www.facebook.com/jugjawor

Our official website of Joomla! User Group Jawor: jug-jawor.joomla.pl

Watch the trailer showing our meeting:

Joomla! 3 - The Book for Everyone


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