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Help Wanted: Community Development Manager

The Production Leadership Team is looking for a volunteer for a new leadership position -- the Community Development Manager. This unpaid volunteer position is an opportunity for the right person to make a tremendously valuable contribution to the Joomla project. Some familiarity with Joomla programming is needed, but the position is mostly about coordinating and facilitating the Joomla development effort. Note that we are looking for someone who is able to devote about 20 hours per week to the job.

Community Development Manager Job Description


  • CDM will keep up with current development activity in Production Working Groups, including who is actively working on projects, what they are working on, and current project status.
  • CDM will help PWG coordinators keep wiki and communication channels up to date to keep community informed of current status of projects. CDM will be a single point of contact for new prospective code contributors and will help them find a suitable project to get started with and help make them feel welcome in the development community.
  • CDM will do ongoing active outreach to third-party development community to facilitate contributions of code and development time to the core projects.
  • CDM will closely coordinate with GSoC and other student-outreach programs to facilitate the recruitment of student volunteers into the Joomla development community.


  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Familiarity with Joomla community and culture
  • Strong knowledge of Joomla CMS and the building of websites
  • Some familiarity with Joomla programming (enough to be able to understand at a high level what different programming projects entail)
  • Strong organization skills Ability to deal effectively and positively with all types of people

Time commitment: 20 hours per week

To apply, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (care of Mark Dexter). Thanks!

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