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Our Joomla! Conjunction

Our Joomla! Conjunction

In the field of astronomy, when two or more celestial bodies appear close to each other, that event is called a conjunction. Astronomical conjunctions are beautiful and rare occurances in our night sky that don't last for very long. Right now a rare and relatively short-lived convergence of important milestones and activities are all taking place for our project. Right now is our Joomla! conjunction.

Celebrate Joomla!'s accomplishments

Joomla! celebrates its sixth birthday this month! Be sure to read Jen Kramer's article Celebrate Joomla!'s 6th Birthday at your September Joomla! User Group Meeting. This article highlights many important accomplishments and milestones that have taken place during the past year, and it gives some great ideas about how you can celebrate with other members of your local Joomla! community during the month of September.

Climb onboard the Joomla! Platform

With the recent release of Joomla! 1.7, the Joomla! Platform (a software development framework for creating web applications) was separated from the Joomla! Content Management System. This separation will allow more innovation to occur within the Joomla! Platform, and will hopefully also encourage more developers to experiment with and contribute to the Joomla! project. Standalone Joomla! Platform applications can do just about anything a creative developer can set his or her mind to! There is already a growing list of Joomla! Platform standalone example applications that have been written and shared. Developing these standalone applications is not as hard as you might think. What can you envision creating with this powerful new tool?

Contribute to upcoming discussions about plans for Joomla!'s future

The recently concluded Joint Leadership Summit resulted in many agreements that will shape plans for the future of our project. Read Alice Grevet's Summing up the Joint Summit article in last month's JCM issue for a summary of that event. In this month's JCM, Alice has followed up on the same subject with Summit Up: Interview with Alan "Gunner" Gunn. This article gives lots of insight from the talented facilitator who helped frame and guide and orchestrate all the work that took place during this important event.

Look for more updates in the weeks to come regarding specifics about some of the proposed changes that were discussed at the Joint Leadership Summit. Your feedback and input will be important to help shape and define what the next steps will be as those proposed changes begin to be implemented.

Help shape the roadmap for the next series of major code releases

A special event is coming up next month that will be of interest to everyone who cares about what features will be included in the next series of major Joomla! releases. This event will also be a great opportunity for those who are interested in contributing their development skills to help code those features. The Joomla! Production Leadership Team (PLT) will be holding a roadmap meeting in New York City on October 21st to begin discussing what will be included in the next series of major Joomla! releases (3.0, 3.1, 3.5).

What's special about this event is that you are invited to participate. Don't miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard for what you believe should be included in the next series of major Joomla! releases! The PLT is exploring options to allow virtual/remote participation, so hopefully you won't even have to travel to New York City to participate. There is no cost to participate in this roadmap planning session, all you have to do is register online. Read the Get involved with the future roadmap post to learn more about this roadmap planning session.

Our Joomla! conjunction

The thing about conjunctions (both the astronomical kind and the Joomla! kind) is that because they don't last for very long, you might totally miss out on the experience if you don't know when it's occuring or where to look. Then there's the fact that you can't enjoy a conjunction by sitting idly by; you have to get up and take action in order to see them. Finally, to get the most enjoyment out of a conjunction, you really should share the experience with others.

This article has highlighted some of the things that make up our Joomla! conjunction

  • Try to connect with a local Joomla! User Group and celebrate Joomla!'s sixth birthday.
  • Learn how to develop web applications using the new Joomla! Platform, and then share your knowledge back with the community.
  • Add your voice to the important upcoming discussions that will help define what the next phase in the life of the Joomla! project will look like.
  • Participate in next month's PLT roadmap session that will begin to shape what will be included in the upcoming Joomla! 3.0 series of releases.
  • Join in and help with the work that will bring all of these ideas and plans to life, and experience the joy of working alongside other bright and passionate members of our global community.

Now it's up to you; Get up and get involved so you can fully experience this rare and short lived convergence of important milestones and events in the life of our project!

Don't miss out on our Joomla! conjunction!

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