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Help Captain Joomla! Save the Puppies!

Help Captain Joomla! Save the Puppies!

The Joomla! Optimisation Team is taking part in a SEO Contest in Germany and we need your help to win it!

As part of SEO-Day in Germany (Cologne) 2017, a competition has been created around the (artificial) keyword: “siebtlingsgeburt” (Seventh births).

The contest is running now, until the 12th of October, the winners will be announced at 19:00 CET. Over 700 marketing deciders and SEOs are going to be present which is why we chose to tell these people that we are alive and kicking, by winning this contest and proving that Joomla! Rocks for SEO. Our SEO team has voted to take part in this contest. So far, we have a team of about 10 people to help us make this contest successful. Within the team are designers, coders, storytellers, translators and people who handle outreach to our community.

We are asking for your help now to help Captain Joomla save the 7 cute puppies from being killed by “Glatzkröte” (bald toad). For us to win, we need as many links as we can possibly get to the page: https://www.joomla.org/3/de/siebtlingsgeburt

We have created a link and banner set for you to implement on your pages and ask for your support by creating modules and/or menu links from them! Please make the link title "siebtlingsgeburt" (siebtlingsgeburt if somehow possible). Please make sure that these links are set to "follow" or at least do not have "no-follow" in them.  

It would be wonderful if you could also create a small blog post about what the competition asking your readers to help us with a link or by searching for “siebtlingsgeburt” on google.de (https://www.google.de/search?&q=siebtlingsgeburt), and then scrolling to our result

siebtlingsgeburt Google Search

When the result has been clicked, please ensure that you or your readers stay on that page for at least 90 seconds and do not return to google.de - surf forwards or close the browser window afterwards instead.

If you decide to help out, please do this as fast as possible. Google will need some time to recrawl your pages and add the links to their link graph. Please ask Google Search Console to recrawl your pages once you have added the links, banners and/or blog posts to help us.

Please support us! :-)

Thank you!!
Joomla Optimisation Team 

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