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Big Improvements in Joomla! Certification Program

Big Improvements in Joomla! Certification Program

The Joomla! Certification Program is now live and we had 4 exam sessions held since its launch on last September. The whole certification program was designed from scratch with so many processes involved such as creating and maintaining questions, managing test centres (known as Joomla! Learning Partners), creating a secure a platform to deliver the exam and others. First, four exam sessions revealed what are the steps need to be taken next!

After four sessions the certification team received feedback in various areas including question quality. Below are the big changes we are making to the certification program.

Change in Question Sets

First big change is the question sets. Currently, the system will pull 60 questions from the pool of question bank in the system. This can go off track to create a balanced exam  because of the complexity in the categories and number of questions we have. Now this has been changed in a new method to create an effective exam.

The exam team is now working hard to improve this so we will have a balanced exam.

Change in Scoring System

The scoring system has been revised to improve further the way how scores are calculated. This means there is no different weight in question scores. We have conducted different tests to find out an effective scoring system.

Multi-Tier Proof Reading

All questions will be screened by question writers. With improved question sets, there is a reduced number of questions to screen and ensure only top quality questions are included in the exam.

With all these changes we believe the Joomla! Certification Program will deliver high-quality exams.

The Joomla! Certification Program is led by Luca Marzo from Italy. The Exam Team led by Arjen Schrijivers from Nederlands, Platform Team by Sam Suresh from Malaysia, Operation Team by Patrick Jungbluth from Germany and Marketing Team led by Richard van Tilborg from Nederlands. Many active volunteers working in each team and meeting every week to make this happen.

Joomla! Certification will be available at Joomla! World Conference 2016 and other Joomla! events near you.

Get certified, Go Professional!

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