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JoomlaDay Brasil 2015: The Biggest in History

JoomlaDay Brasil 2015: The Biggest in History

The Joomla! Community in Brazil, Joomla! users and people interested in Open Source Software got together in September in Brazil's Capital Brasília to celebrate the Joomla! 10th anniversary and learn more about the CMS. Attendees came from 12 different Brazilian states and we had international guests from Argentina, Guatemala, Greece, India, Netherlands and Spain. More than 500 people were involved in 18 lectures and 7 workshops that happened from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. - besides meetings with Brazilian government departments and a national meeting of Joomla User Groups (JUGs). 

What happens when a group of enthusiastic volunteers meets a big university that supports open code, a national Open Source Association, and a Ministry of the Brazilian Government? The biggest JoomlaDay Brasil in history!

The premise: the main aim of JoomlaDay Brasil 2015 was not just to make an event, but rather use it as a way to strengthen the Joomla! Project and the community in the country with the following objectives:

  • To instruct, motivate and integrate the academic community an Open Source project, especially in the Joomla! CMS;
  • To integrate and empower Joomla! users in Brazil;
  • To disseminate and increase the visibility of Joomla! in the Brazilian market;
  • To engage new users and volunteers in the Joomla! Community;
  • To encourage the activity of Joomla User Groups (JUGs);
  • To strengthen the unity of the national community;
  • To promote more visibility of the Brazilian community within the Joomla! international community;
  • To train government employees in the Standard Joomla! Portal of the federal government.

Another premise of # JDBR15 was to make it available to everyone, and so for the first time in the history of JoomlaDays in Brazil, all activities of the event were free.


joomladay brasil

Official photo - attendees in the central auditorium on Saturday afternoon 

Warming up the engines

The activities related to JoomlaDay Brasil 2015 began well before September. As part of the planning, we promoted local events and  participated in many other Open Source events as a "JDBR15 pre-event strategy". If you were following our previous articles in the JCM, you have seen all these activity reports. If not, you can check now ;)



Our participation in the J and Beyond in Prague sponsored by the JET Programme was an awesome opportunity to show the international community what we were planning for JoomlaDay Brasil 2015 and get them involved. As a result of that, we had the largest number of international speakers and workshop instructors of any previous event in Brazil. This ensured an alignment of the JDBR15 with the direction of the Joomla Project, and helped attendees to understand the greatness of the Project. As an outcome, rich knowledge was shared by some people who directly make Joomla! happen, in addition to value the audience and motivate them. Thank you, JAB and JET!


On September 3rd, the auditorium of the Ministry of Planning hosted the event "Efficiency and effectiveness in the use of CMS to develop government solutions", which had broadcast live streaming and is now available here.


jdbr15 2 

Jorge Lopez-Bachiller (Open Source Matters), Roland Dalmulder (Production Leadership Team) and Roberson Pinheiro (Joomla User Group (JUG) Calango) presented content related to the use of Joomla! on government sites. Ana Barcellos and Paulo Ries (JUG Calango) also joined them in the debate with the audience.

On the same day, Jorge Lopez-Bachiller and Paulo Ries attended a meeting about government use of Joomla! in the National Front of Mayors (FNP). 


The support of the Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB) contributed to an impeccable infrastructure for JoomlaDay Brasil 2015. The event had two auditoriums, three laboratories, five classrooms and two more rooms to support lecturers and staff. UCB also did broadcast live streaming on its Youtube channel and provided equipment and volunteers to support the event.

jdbr15 7

Brasília's Food Trucks led their cars full of energy and flavors especially for JoomlaDay Brasil's attendees.

jdbr15 13

Lectures and Workshops

First of all, we asked Brazilian users to fill a form on the JDBR15 website saying which topics they would like to see covered at the event.

The second step was to build the activities in a collaborative way: all interested people could submit their lectures and workshops, which were later selected by a JDBR15 organization. Result: speakers came from various regions of the country to share their most diverse knowledge and rich experiences.

The lectures and workshops were held in the mornings, afternoon and evening, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We had different blocks of activities - from basic to an advanced level of knowledge - occurring at the same time to reach the expectations of everyone, despite of the level of previous knowledge.

All lectures JoomlaDay Brazil 2015 are available at the Catholic University of Brasilia Virtual channel on YouTube.

jdbr15 4

Jorge Lopez-Bachiller from Open Source Matters

Thanks to JoomlaDay Brazil 2015 speakers:

From Brazil: Alan Sanches, Ariadne Pinheiro, Diego Viegas, Eliel Cruz, Emerson Rocha, Johnny Salazar Reidel, Julyane Miranda, Júlio Coutinho, Nick Vidal (ASL.Org), Nivaldo Neto, Pedro Renan, Rafael Berlanda, Roberson Pinheiro, Rodrigo Spillere
International Speakers: Javier Gomez (Spain), ​​Jorge Lopez-Bachiller (Guatemala), Krikor Boghossian (Greece), Lefteris Kavadas (Greece), Matias Aguirre (Argentina), Roland Dalmulder (Neetherlands) and Saurabh Shah (India).

It was available to attendees, free of charge, with equipment for simultaneous translation so everyone could have a better understanding of the content of the international talks.


jdbr15 19

Javier Gomez, PLT, talking about the future of Joomla!


jdbr15 1

Júlio Coutinho Workshop "Joomla! from zero"

During the Bug Squash Session, coordinated by Roland Dalmulder and Javier Gomez, the participant group identified and resolved a bug fix that is ​​already incorporated into the next Joomla! update. Big success!! :)

Thematic areas

An activity introduced this year in JoomlaDay Brazil was the "Thematic Area", in which attendees could move freely during 3 hours. Representatives of JUGs and active volunteers of the Brazilian community accepted the challenge of coordinating the thematic areas, defining and leading the activities.

jdbr 16

Rodrigo Spillere leading one of the thematic areas 

Check out what was treated in each room:

  • Templates - Development, Frameworks, Accessibility, Usability, UX, and more - Ariadne Pinheiro
  • Extensions - Development of modules, components, plugins - Rodrigo Spillere and Pedro Renan
  • Forms - Learn about the components available for creating forms and integrate your forms with payment systems - Pahe Bleasby and Daniel Perboni
  • K2 - Creating new templates, work with extra fields and use the new features of K2v3 - Mateus Rocha and JoomlaWorks Team
  • Business - How to charge for my work, How to control my projects, Making money with Joomla! - Vânius Girodo (SEBRAE Consultant), Nick Vidal and André Luis Soares Eloy (Startup Livre Project)
  • Infrastructure - Learn security techniques to help to protect your site from intruders. Improve server performance and make your site fast as a jet - Julio Coutinho and Alan Sanches

J! Awards Brazil 2014/2015

Sound the trumpets for the first J! Awards Brazil! Rafael Berlanda, Quickstart Virtuemart and the Standard Federal Government Portal were the big winners by popular vote. The Joomla! Project was also honored in J! Awards Brazil.

jdbr 15  

Celebrating 10 years of Joomla!

To end the second day of JoomlaDay Brazil 2015, all the organizers, speakers and volunteers took the stage and sang "Happy Birthday" to our beloved CMS along with the audience. Then everyone ate the delicious Joomla! cake (made by my awesome Mom!!). Congratulations to everyone who makes Joomla happen!

 jdbr 20

J! Party and J! Barbecue

The fun continued at JoomlaDay Brasil 2015 with the J! Party which took place at the Ferreira Bar on Saturday night, with live Brazilian pop songs.

jdbr15 12


On Sunday, we had barbecue time in the City Park, full of good food, drinks and outdoor fun with friends.

jdbr 17

 National JUGs Metting

Despite the party the night before, JUG members and guests were standing in the National Brazilian JUGs meeting, which happened on Sunday morning at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Taguatinga. Hardworking people! :)

jdbr15 8 

Joomla Wives

The project created by the wives of some joomleiros was also present in JoomlaDay Brasil 2015. They made their own schedule, which included an afternoon at the SPA. They deserve ;)

jdbr15 3

The J! Wives

Our Thanks

We could not have made it without the support of companies that believed in this crazy idea. With you ... our sponsors! Clapping for them and our many thanks!

The JoomlaDay Brasil 2015 organizers would also like to thank: all the sponsors who believed in our event; the Catholic University of Brasilia, host dedicated and great partner; ASL.org; SLTI/Ministry of Planning; OSM, PLT and CLT; all the speakers and Thematic Area's leaders; the suppliers; the Brasília Food Trucks; all attendees from many cities and states in the country and the people who watched the event in broadcast; our families - who not only understood our absence in many moments but also supported and participated with us; our co-workers (bosses, colleagues, subordinates) - idem; and the Joomla! Project. #alltogether #JPositive #joomlarocks

 See you at the next JoomlaDay Brasil!



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