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Leadership Highlights October 2014

Leadership Highlights October 2014

Work in Progress - Though the sign might be annoying from time to time when you see it, at least you know it’s there with the ultimate goal to get something improved. And as much as we wish to get things right from the start on, we all know that help is needed to finally achieve that perfect goal.

That’s why we have our great community! Right? Read on to learn where you fit in.

Releases… releases… and more releases

Three versions in one week's time! How can that happen?
Unfortunately some bugs were introduced and discovered right after the releases. And though it might have brought some inconvenience for the early updaters, the good thing is that there is a team correcting these issues as well as active volunteers available on short notice to help testing and providing feedback.

It’s an ongoing work in progress where all hands that are available are welcome. If you never helped out in this way you might explore if there is a Pizza’s Bugs and Fun event organized somewhere near you. Chances are that you can join one on 17th October, 2014 where several PB&F events will be organized all over the world. Or you might consider organizing such an event. Though developers are very welcome to join, you don’t need to be a programmer to be able to help. You can always help by testing issues, and that only takes some knowledge of how Joomla! works. The Production Leadership Team can always help you get started.

Testing… testing... and more testing

Not only does our CMS need testing, but improvements on our community websites need it also. A plan for the completion of the new Joomla Extension Directory has been announced, and your input as an extension developer or as a JED user is requested. Check out how you can help and submit the application form if you want to help out as a beta tester.

Learning Joomla!

If you are new to Joomla! and you feel that above suggestions to help in the project are just a bit over your head. You don’t have to feel left out of the community. We have thought of you too! A good opportunity for you to learn Joomla! is provided by using our Demo service.

A totally renewed demo is now active and gives you 90 days to explore all the features within the Joomla! CMS. You don’t need to be afraid to get lost, since you will have access to a lot of helpful tutorial articles and videos to help you get started.

And yes, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this service.


Getting more hands on board to help also needs people within the community who mentor, to help new volunteers find their way to contribute. While Joomla! will be present at the Grace Hopper Conference with a booth to welcome new users and volunteers, you can sign up and spend a few hours a week to help them get started. Make sure to add your details to the form.

Stay tuned…

Soon you will be asked to provide your feedback and input on an important subject. A group containing members of all three leadership teams is working hard to figure out a new structure for our project. These changes can have a lot of impact on the project, on the way we are organized, and how volunteers are empowered to be more effective in the community.

Please read the blog post carefully and keep an eye on this work in progress. The structure team wants you all to take part in this discussion to organize the project the best way for the future.


There are as many as 7 places to meet the Joomla! Community all over the world in October:

You did sign up for the Joomla! World Conference, didn’t you? Let's meet next month in Cancun!

Actualitzar Joomla! de la versió 2.5 a la 3.x
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