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Joomla! Day Poland 2012

Joomla! Day Poland 2012

JoomlaDay Poland was held on Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23, 2012 at the Malta's Training and Conference Center in Poznań, Poland's fifth largest city. I would like to share with you a few impressions from this inaugural event.

It was the first event of its kind in Poland. And, amazingly, I think it was one of the best JoomlaDays I have ever attended. We had great speakers, lots of interesting presentations, a very nice location, good food and everything we needed. Most importantly, we had an atmosphere of real, living community. I have learned that the spirit people connected by their values is something that we organizers can't create on our own. The JoomlaDay we are dreaming of is not about the software, not about our businesses, but about friends and colleagues connected by a purpose.

For many attendees, JoomlaDay Poland was the opportunity to witness the strength of the Polish Joomla! community. After a stirring keynote speech by Stefan Wajda, the leader of the Polish Joomla! community, I think many attendees understood that they are an integral part of the worldwide Joomla! project and that they contribute a lot to it. A great presentaion by Ryan Ozimek encouraged them even more in this.

An exciting highlight of this JoomlaDay was Brian Teeman presenting the new Joomla! 3.0 - fully mobile ready and how fast the new Joomla! version is. Joomla! on steroids would be a great summary of his presentation.

Brian Teeman

It isn't easy to describe how inspiring such an event is, and perhaps it's not easily understood. I recommend you experience the whole picture by attending or planning a JoomlaDay yourself. I think everyone in the Joomla! community should try to be a part of this at least once.

Joomla! Day organisation team and speakers

As a one of the organizers I would like to say "thank you" to all those people who contributed to this great event. Above all, I would like to thank those "invisible" members of our team. I was proud to be a part of the team with Stefan, Michał, and Darek and lot of other great people. I'm grateful that we had energetic speakers like Brian, Ryan, Ronni, Nicholas and so many others. And we are all very thankful to our sponsors who made the day possible.

But a lot of hard work happens behind the scenes, too. Alex, Sebastian and Sławek paid attention to technical details and made our work much more comfortable. Jarek recorded videos from all the presentations, which will soon be available on the JoomlaDay Poland website. Ewa worked hard on the paper work and did a great job with our registration process. And I'm sure I am forgetting to name many other people, but I do appreciate their help. We all do.

So thank you guys. Thank you very much!

Some photos from this great event:

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