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The promise you made


For many of us, making a promise is a strong moral engagement. For some of us, it's also linked to a musical souvenir since decades.

Back in the eighties, Anna, Peter, Clive, and Louis were on the top of the charts with their iconic song "The promise you made". I was a teenager and had a crush on Anna (but don't tell her, please ;) )
This famous Cock Robin's song refers to wedding vows, a serious long term engagement. I'm pretty sure it's the same engagement we all have with Joomla.

"The Promise You Made" - Original song by Cock Robin and written by Peter Kingsbery.

Since 2013, Joomla is the spine of my business. I've created tens (hundreds?) of websites with Joomla, from version 1.5 to 4.x. I've learnt everything about Joomla thanks to its awesome community and I'll be forever grateful for this.

Since 2014, I've been a Joomla volunteer, engaged in various teams on various levels, always with the same passion and the same willingness. I'm a volunteer because I always considered as obvious the fact to send the elevator back down to support the project. It's also a way to sustain my business on long term.

Since 2022, Mera and I, we've created Templatejoomla to spread the Joomla love, and to highlight the essential work of templates designers who are a bit "invisible" in the Joomla ecosystem. For this project, we use affiliate links and because we know what we owe to Joomla, we've decided and promised to donate each year in November, a significant part of these affiliate commissions to support the project.

The time has come for us to respect the promise we've made and we are proud and happy to announce we've made a first € 250 donation to Joomla on the 1st of November.

To celebrate this, we've dare to lightly rewrite Cock Robin's song and we hope you'll like this Joomla version.

If I need your help
for the next release
Would you worry for me
And do some testing?

Could I rely on your faith to be strong
To picked me back up and to push me along?
Tell me

You'll be there in my hour of need
You won't turn me away
Help me out the next release
Remember the promise you made
Remember the promise you made

If I give you my code
For a piece of your work
Would you carry me with you
To the far edge of time?

Do you understand if you find me unupdated
Would we become forever divided in two
Please tell me

You'll be there in my hour of need
You won't turn me away
Help me in the way you can
Remember the promise you made
Remember the promise you made

Could I rely on your donations to be stronger
To pick me back up and to push me higher
Please tell me

You'll be there in my hour of need
You won't turn me away
Help me in all the way you can
Remember the promise you made
Remember the promise you made

Beyond this sweet nostalgia, this post is also about our collective commitment and future.
Joomla is free to download and use for everyone - and will remains - and I'm sure we all want to see more Joomla events, videos, marketing, communication, promotion about our CMS, right?

For many of us, € 50 or € 100 are few compare to the incomes we made annually thanks to Joomla. Imagine what Joomla would be like if tens, hundreds or thousands of Joomlers donate that amount (or more) every year. This would be a completely different paradym.

At Templatejoomla, we aware that without budget, nothing will happen. So, we commit (promise) to donate annually to Joomla a significant percentage of the directory incomes. Doing this, we really want to initiate a large popular support campaign in favor of Joomla. So we strongly encourage everyone to donate regularly - even few euros or dollars - in favour our beloved CMS. Because it's important. Really.

As a site builder, an extension developer, a template developer, an hosting company, a service related to Joomla, you make money with and thanks to Joomla. Just like us.
Great, so please promise to donate to Joomla to help and support our beloved CMS.

Any regular amount will be helpful to Joomla, because as you know, small streams make big rivers.


For those who aren't comfortable about giving money, you should know that Joomla Capital Team urgently needs volunteers. Thanks to contact them if you have some skills and time for this.

Special thanks to Crystal and Nadja for their answers, help, and support in our donation process. They've helped us and guided us very efficiently. We strongly encourage everyone who want to engage in a similar donation process to get in touch with them because they are available, helpful and so friendly.

Thank you to all the people who support the Templatejoomla project, who visited - at least once - the directory and if we're lucky enough and keep working hard with all good willings around, we promise to donate a higher amount next year to Joomla.

All together
Mera & Daniel

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