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Quarterly Highlights from Open Source Matters


Get a brief overview of OSM happenings from the current board president.

This is a brief summary of the 2023 Q3 report from the President of Open Source Matters (OSM). See all past and present board member reports on the OSM website. (Not sure how OSM relates to Joomla?)

But first, a quick note—this quarterly report is late! I apologize for not putting it together on time for everyone; September and October have been hectic months for me, both in the Joomla world as well as in my non-Joomla commitments, and the time got away from me. Sorry!

Quarter 3 was busy, with our community seeing shifts in leadership, collaboration on a global scale, and the start of new initiatives to bring our project to greater heights. We received some additional press and visibility, and continue to build momentum for the project.

All Together Now

I’d like to recognize Harald Leithner this quarter, for his tireless efforts keeping the community running. For those who don’t know, Harald is the Operations Department Coordinator, and manages all of the various services that the Joomla community depends on, from making sure everything stays online, to ensuring that everyone has access to their accounts, and much, much more. This is in addition to his role as a Release Manager for Joomla 5.0.

Operations DC is a behind-the-scenes job, with a lot of hard work that often goes unnoticed. So, if you see Harald online, make sure you tell him thank you for all of his efforts. We appreciate you, Harald!

Looking Ahead to Q4

Well, as we're now halfway through Q4, this section is a little bit different!

This quarter we are focusing heavily on the culture of the project and making Joomla a happier, healthier community. There will be opportunities to participate in an upcoming process; if you're passionate about the topic and want to get involved, let me know!

What would you like to see from OSM?

Any thoughts on the above, or the rest of the Q3 Report? Comments for the president or the board in general? Comment below to join the conversation. I'm looking forward to your questions and ideas!

Onwards and upwards,


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