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Meet a Joomla User Group: JUG Athens


Next in our Joomla User Group series is JUG Athens, Greece. Here the organizers do more than "just" organizing the JUG as you can read in this interview. So, let's visit Greece!

Where is your User Group located?

Our JUG is located in Athens, Greece.

For how long has this User Group been organizing events?

Our JUG has been organizing events since 2019.

How many people are involved in organizing and how many visitors are joining your meetings?

At this moment we have three JUG organizers (Dimitris Trikkas, Achilleas Papageorgiou and Yiorgos Fakas). The visitors are more or less 10 to 15 people per meeting.

Are your meetings in person, online or hybrid?

In the beginning the meetings were in person. Due to covid rules the meetings became online meetings. But now the meetings held are hybrid, you can join online and visit in person.

How did your JUG evolve during the years?

The group became bigger through the years, got more meeting points and enriched the activities with a big range of events. The community volunteers, under the auspices of the JUG, can organize meetings for educational, promotional purposes aimed also at people outside the Joomla community.

What topics are usually/mostly being presented at your meetings?

We do meetings just to talk about Joomla and the Greek community’s actions, to analyze new versions, to present Joomla capabilities to others and we also do educational meetings.

Which topics have been popular lately to get information about?

The new version of Joomla 4. There were meetings with the users to present the new version, to discuss the new features, the available extensions and the update process. (note: this interview was held prior to the Joomla 5 release)

What difficulties do you face organizing your JUG?

The venues do not always provide space with all the equipment needed. Especially when the meeting is hybrid. Due to increased liabilities of the JUG members there is a difficulty to find a date-time that all or most of the members can attend.

What is your most precious meeting?

The preview for Joomla 4 meeting. A hybrid meeting, with users from all kinds of experience and developers. Many suggestions and questions were answered at that meeting.

Do you need extra volunteers, or help?

Volunteers are always needed and welcome. We need help with translation, (language files and content), content creators for the communitise site and social media moderators. 


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