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My favourite Joomla 4 feature - The Media Manager


It’s been a few months now since Joomla 4 came out, and all over the world people are building websites with it. As you may know, Joomla 4 has a number of great new features. In this issue of the Joomla Community Magazine long time Joomla user Chris Wilcox tells us about his favourite: the Media Manager, that enables content managers to edit images in the backend of their Joomla website.

Thanks for participating in this article, Chris! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Chris, I’ve been using Joomla since it forked from Mambo. For the past 8 years, I’ve used Joomla almost exclusively in my web design business for a large range of clients and website requirements.

So your favourite Joomla 4 feature is the Media Manager. Why?

I have many clients who log in and update their own website content with new photos and text. In previous versions of Joomla, they would often upload large image files and not be able to resize them once within the website - they often didn’t have the skills to use image editing software on a computer first, or were using a tablet or phone to access the site.

Was the Media Manager there in Joomla 3 as well or is it a new feature? What makes it an improvement?

The ability to edit images within the Joomla dashboard is a brand-new feature in Joomla 4, it was not there in Joomla 3 or before that.

Now my clients can upload the large images and easily resize them and alter the quality levels as well, all directly from the Joomla dashboard. In terms of their websites, this means it helps keep page load times lower which is good for visitors and search engines.

Do you have examples that show what you can do with it?

The images below show the edit option in Media Manager, and how the editing page looks.





What knowledge do we need to use the Media Manager?

A little so you understand what resize and crop does, though I have a short guide for clients on doing this so they can do it easily.

Do you have tips for users who want to make the most of the Media Manager?

It’s always good to organise images into folders if you have a lot - perhaps for e-commerce you may want a folder for products, or one folder per page or similar so it is easier to manage the images going forward.

Share your favourite with us!

Do you have a favourite Joomla 4 feature and would you like to tell us all about it? Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’re waiting for your email!

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