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Writing together with new contributors at #jwc15

Writing together with new contributors at #jwc15

This article has been written by the Joomla in Action Workshop during the #jwc15. First we follow the steps for the registration process inside the magazine for the aspiring Joomla writers. After that, every participant wrote a paragraph which is shared in this article.

After that, participants were asked to showcase their writting skills.

I am Ruchika Nagarkar experiencing a very exciting workshop of understanding of Joomla Magazine in Joomla World Conference. It is day 2 of the Joomla World Conference and is being guided by two persons one who speaks spanish and the other translates his words to all us in english. It is quite a new experience for me to scratch my head to understand spanish words :) I am a very keen writer and is stepping into the world of contribution to Joomla! by this first article of mine. 

The JWC2015 is a great learning conference with bundles of global connections. The community is full of different people,colors and languages just as a Joomla multilingual website. Here I am spreading my Joomla love through these words and hope you all will follow up the same with Joomla Growth Spirit.

Hello Joomla world,

I'm Jayshree Vijay from J2store Joomla Shopping Cart. I am non-technical person; I write about social commerce and ecommerce ideas  and this is the first time ever I decided to take a peep into the Joomla world. Thanks to JWC15 for inspiring me into writing about Joomla. As Joomla celebrates its 10 year, I am entering into it for the first time. This buzz word Joomla has been haunting me since long time to drive me into it and finally I am here writing about the same. Thanks to my must that helped me till date to write as A strategist, a copy-writer, a poet and now I am an aspiring Joomla writer. Here is the unedited first version of my introduction that came without any fore thinking. Hoping to write more and contribute my best to the magazine. Thank you. 

We the Techjoomla team are visiting the JWC for the first time. We at Techjoomla developed so many e-commerce, social networking sites and mobile developments.

There are very useful sessions going on here and we are feeling its a part of joomla family. We are  making  the joomla contibutions from JUG Pune, Pizza and Bugs Activity. Would like to continue woking in Joomla altogether and looking forward to attend the upcoming JWC programs and Joomla Days! 

Here the Bug Squash activity was very amazing! Felt very good in helping Joomla to make more powerful.

I'm Hagen Graf and I wrote a few articles in the Joomla Magazine in the past. The last years I was very busy with restoring old houses in my village. The 10th anniversary of Joomla was a good opportunity to rejoin the Joomla community. On my way to India I listened to many Podcast episodes from joomlabe.at (check it out! It's a wonderful resource). So many good things happened in the last years so many new people joined the movement. I even got a very warm welcome by a lot of people here in India #mehappy. I'm still very interested in the future of the project, especially in the development and really curious. So I just want to say "hello again" :)  

This workshop was imparted by Alejandro Pascoli, Carlos Olivares and Angel García part of the staff of the Joomla Magazine, spanish edition.






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