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Wheels Up #JWC14!

Wheels Up #JWC14!

It’s the beginning of November and hundreds of people from the global Joomla community are preparing to travel to Cancun, Mexico, for the 3rd annual Joomla World Conference. I’m excited about it. Here’s why…

Bienvenidos a México!

This is the first official Joomla world event to be held in Latin America, with sessions in Spanish thorughout the day. Joomla has a huge Spanish-speaking community, and many communities in Latin America, so hopefully this will make it easier for lots of people to attend.

The X Factor

Check out the speakers page on the JWC website. Have you ever seen so many female faces on a tech program lineup before, aside from Grace Hopper? Speaking of Grace Hopper, don’t miss Chiaria Aliotta’s article on Joomla’s representation at that event.

Compelling Sessions

There are so many interesting talks and workshops being offered at this conference, that it’s going to be hard to choose. The program is filled with a wide variety of topics covering everything from wire frames to marketing, to developing modules and plugins, and project planning and estimation. There’s something for everyone!

Leadership Summit

For two days before the conference, most of the members of the three Joomla leadership teams, Production Leadership Team (PLT), Community Leadership Team (CLT), and Open Source Matters (OSM), will meet in joint and separate sessions to discuss overall project goals, and governance structure change proposals, amongst other topics. It is a rare chance to step out of Skype, Slack, Twitter and Facebook, and work together face to face.

A Joomla World Conference is a fantastic opportunity to come together as one big community from all over the world, to meet new people, exchange ideas and make plans for new projects. To have so many team members and such a big group of Joomla enthusiasts all in one place, is a rare opportunity to exchange ideas and listen to each other.

I hope to see you there!

Un tout nouveau Répertoire de Ressources Joomla!


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