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How to Strengthen your Joomla! Administrator Password

How to Strengthen your Joomla! Administrator Password

Please don't gamble with your Joomla web-site security and never, I mean never, ever, ever, ever use dictionary words for Joomla Super User passwords! Always remember that the internet is full of malicious robots, most often set up by bad people to scan and harvest Joomla and Wordpress administrator passwords and they can do it faster than you can say "Brian Teeman" or "Nick Robertson".

At first thought, dealing with a complex Joomla super administrator password may seem to be a time consuming hustle. But, if you set it up during your initial Joomla installation with at least an 11-15 character-long combination of small and capital letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters, you will surely keep baddies away from your Joomla system. Do you really want your web site to be hacked? Do you really want your hosting account to be suspended?

If you still think that "admin", "123456", "abc123", "passw0rd" or "superman" are cool passwords never to be cracked, please go to https://howsecureismypassword.net, test them and see how long it would take to do so. That's "Instantly"! Which means that a password guessing robot launched by some Russian or Chineese or American kid from a home PC will get your Joomla administrator password right away, without spending even a fraction of a second on your site! And now please test something like *N@v7g(B4o). This password now turns our "Instantly" into "4 thousand years". Do you see the difference? Impressive, isn't it?

For those who are ready to bring their Joomla security to a new level and from now on create only strong passwords, here are some helpful online password generators:

Keeping one password is easy enough but what would you do if you need to maintain passwords for several web-sties? Keeping them in your browser at first thought might seem convenient but it poses some security risks. To securely, efficiently and easily manage multiple passwords, there are some handy online password managers for you and you don't need to pay a single penny to use them:

Now you know the best way to keep your Joomla-based web-site secure - a hard to guess Super User (or any user for that matter) password. Go on! Strengthen your Joomla Super User password now!

Safe Joomla-building!

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