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Demand Their Best

Demand Their Best

Dear Joomla! developers, jQuery is already installed in Joomla! 3... KNOCK IT OFF! 

Demand their best!

When purchasing a Joomla extension there are several 'implied' contracts you enter into with the vendor. At the very least receiving a working, as advertised, extension is high on this list. Anything short of this is just wrong! Now what constitutes a working, as advertised extension?

  • It must install without errors and be 100% compatible with the current version of Joomla! it was programmed for.
  • It must do everything (and hopefully more) it was advertised to do.
  • It should never require you to enter or alter its core code to perform basic tasks. If this is the case, you purchased a beta release.
  • It should never ever alter or rearrange the Joomla core code in order to perform its tasks. NEVER... period! I'm not talking about the inclusion of template overrides because this is the proper way of performing a coding task. I'm talking about including code within your extension or template that changes how the native Joomla core code gets processed.
  • It should conform to Joomla's best practices for using core libraries

Now, I have a hard drive filled with commercial Joomla extensions that should fall into the above statements (in whole or in part) and it is maddening to say the least. Spending good money for something that is not complete, won’t install properly, does not live up to its hype or has to alter or rearrange the Joomla core code to perform its tasks is just wrong.

If you encounter these issues, as a consumer, you have several options;

  • Ask the developer to fix any and all of the issues you are encountering.
  • Work with the developer to the best of your ability to assist them in correcting the issues.
  • Have a little patience with the developer if they show good faith in wanting to work with you to fix the issues.

If at any time you are not getting satisfaction from your requests;

  • Request a refund. If a refund is refused, file an appeal with your credit card company.
  • Post a review and rating on the developers Joomla Extension Directory (JED) page explaining your issues or problems.
  • Take your case to the social networks where the developer hangs out. The ‘power of the pen’ can be a very effective vehicle. Be concise, truthful and non-threatening in your comments!

Never accept the adage that your issues will be fixed in future upgrades because generally they will not. Never allow the developer to just 'blow you off' and claim that your issues are unique to you. Never just go away without being made whole for the issues you are encountering. If you allow any of these to take place, the developer wins and will continue to do others harm and hardship. Stand-up for your rights as a consumer!

For example, with the release of Joomla! 3 there is a growing issue with how some commercial developers use, manage or manipulate the jQuery Library and/or bootstrap script within their extensions or templates. I say growing because I’m seeing more and more developers abuse how they interface with these scripts contrary to how Joomla! 3 frames them. Case in point;

  • Including their own ‘Load jQuery’ option and version of this library script. Worse yet... having this damn option turned on or hard coded into their code.
  • Invoking code that turns off how and where Joomla! 3 loads jQuery or bootstrap scripts and replacing it with their own versions and placement.
  • Including more then one jQuery Library scripts within their code.

Don't believe for a second that 'your' best interest is being served from a Joomla! 3 extension or template developer coding this way. The only interest they are serving is their own and issues greater than the ones you are having will surely arise in the future. By altering how the jQuery Library and bootstrap scripts get loaded or using different versions then what comes native with Joomla 3, problems in how your Joomla! 3 operates and functions will cripple your installation.

More so as Joomla! 3 moves to newer release versions or as you attempt to install and use other jQuery Library required extensions. Playing by the rules that have been clearly defined by the Joomla! 3 development team is critical to everyone’s success. If your extension or template just can’t function properly within these rules... be a programmer and design your code accordingly.

Don’t alter or hack the Joomla! 3 core code just so your latest eye candy extension or template will dazzle the masses. No one will be singing your praise when it breaks or disrupts how the rest of a user's Joomla! 3 website was designed to function. No amount of eye candy is worth that!

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