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Books about Joomla 4: start reading!


If you want to learn more about Joomla, you have the Joomla documentation, tutorials (written ones, like the ones in the Joomla Community Magazine, and video tutorials), or you can ask questions in the forum, on social media, in the Joomla Improvers channel on Mattermost or on StackExchange. But, people, nothing beats a book. Yes, a book. With pages, and all the information nicely structured in chapters and paragraphs. Are you looking for books about Joomla 4? We hear you: here’s a list of books! For beginners, experienced users, and developers. Start reading!

Joomla books in English

Joomla! 4 Masterclass: A practitioner's guide to building rich and modern websites using the brand-new features of Joomla 4 - Luca Marzo

This book is for you if you have basic web design knowledge, or have used previous versions of Joomla. It takes you through Joomla’s core functionalities step by step, which is really helpful because the possibilities and features of Joomla 4 can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re used to WordPress, this book comes in handy: it explains in what ways Joomla 4 is different from WordPress, and what extra options it offers (spoiler alert: quite a few, but you probably knew that already). The book guides you through it, and also explains what the feature is for and how to use it, with real life examples. It also covers topics like Search Engine Optimization, how to create a site in different languages, how to manage users and workflows, and how to take your site to the next level with planning automated tasks. 

Paperback and Kindle e-book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Joomla-Masterclass-practitioners-building-brand-new-ebook/dp/B0BMVWBDBD?ref_=ast_author_dp 

Mastering Joomla 4 - Maarten Blokdijk

Step-by-step guide packed with information about Joomla and how to use it. You’ll learn what Joomla is and how to install and configure it, and it also explains the terms, technology and the workings of this fine piece of Joomla. It aims to inform and get new, first time users, up and running in a short period of time, without needing to know HTML and/or CSS. The book contains extensive links to online resources should you feel the need to get into the more technical part of Joomla. The author has included detailed instructions, with lots of images.

Get the e-book: https://masteringj4.com/ 

Joomla 4: developing extensions - Astrid Günther

This book teaches you how to create a component, a plugin, a module and a template. At the end you put everything in one package. You don't need to use any complicated tools. The book contains cross links to background information and exercises at the end of each chapter. After reading the book, you will know the basics to create your own extension for Joomla 4. 

With this book, Astrid wants to offer you a basis before you dive into the many possibilities offered by the Joomla community. Her explanations contain few specifics, but a lot of information about Joomla itself. She explains general concepts, patterns and best practices using common extensions.

Essentially, you'll learn to create your own Joomla extensions from scratch, with features like custom fields, multilingual associations, pagination, client-side and server-side validation, and advanced user interactions like filtering and sorting.

Get the e-book: https://astrid-guenther.de/en/buecher/joomla-4-developing-extensions 

Joomla 4 templates: Create your own template for Joomla 4 - Cédric Keiflin

Learn how to make your own Joomla 4 template with this guide. The book includes a discovery of the basis for the HTML and CSS method to use, all the necessary information about the Joomla 4 template in the technical documentation and a step by step tutorial to show you how to create a nice template. 

Get the PDF book: https://www.joomlack.fr/en/joomla-documentations-tutorials/ebook-joomla-4-templates 

Joomla! 4 BASIC TRAINING: Boots on the Ground - Herb Boeckenhaupt, Sharon Lee Hall, Brandon Batie and Philip Cave 2022

This book guids you, step-by-step, through the tasks required to create a Joomla 4 website, with descriptions, helpful discussions, and precise step-by-step guides to help you create a website and add content. It will help you get quickly started as a Joomla 4 administrator and demonstrates how to create categories, articles, menus and content-specific modules. It has general information about Joomla as well as complete instructions on how to create a hosting location, install Joomla and create content. Every core component is explained in clear and plain language, which makes it a useful books for beginners and newbies. It also introduces new methods and differences to Joomla 3, so experienced users might find it helpful as well.

Paperback on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Joomla-BASIC-TRAINING-Boots-Ground/dp/B09QNZCBBT

Joomla 4 - The Book - Simon Grange

You want to create a professional website quickly? Learn how to keep it alive? Or how to correctly reference it on search engines, all without any special knowledge?

Joomla! 4 The book will guide you step by step through these stages, and much more!

Get the e-book or paperback here: https://cinnk.com/en/books/joomla-4-the-book

Joomla books in German - Joomla Bücher auf Deutsch

Praxiswissen Joomla! 4: Das Kompendium - Tim Schürrmann 

Practical guide to building Joomla 4 websites, with examples and step-by-step instructions. Tim Schürmann uses an example project to introduce you to the construction and maintenance of a website and covers the entire Joomla! range of topics, from the basics to professional knowledge. The manual comprehensively covers all the functions contained in Joomla, so it’s an introduction and a reference work as well. You’ll learn how to install and get to know Joomla, build your website step by step (content, components, modules, plugins, user management, multilingualism, workflows and templates). It also helps you to use or even develop extensions. The scripts and templates used in the book can be downloaded.

Hardcover and Kindle e-book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Praxiswissen-Joomla-4-Das-Kompendium/dp/396009180X 

Joomla! 4.x Grundlagen: Umfangreiche Web-Präsentationen schnell und einfach anlegen und gestalten - Ralph Steyer 

This book offers a quick and practice-oriented introduction to Joomla! 4.x. It contains many examples and exercises, to explain the basics of the Joomla content management system. Whether private individuals, associations or even small to medium-sized enterprises - with this book, every target group receives the appropriate information that is necessary for the successful implementation of an appealing website project.

Paperback: https://shop.herdt.com/de/product/JMLA4X 

Joomla 4 - Erweiterungen programmieren - Astrid Günther 

See description under English.

Joomla 4.0 Logisch! (Einfache Webseitenerstellung ohne Programmierkenntnisse) - Daniel Schmitz-Buchholz 

Note: this book dates from 2019, so before Joomla 4 came out. 

Get to know Joomla step by step and in an understandable way. You’ll learn how to use the content management system to create your own websites without any programming knowledge. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding how the CMS works, and starting from installation to search engine optimisation, all important steps are explained in building chapters with many screenshots.

Kindle e-book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Joomla-4-0-logisch-Webseitenerstellung-Programmierkenntnisse-ebook/dp/B07PXMP986 

Joomla books in French - Livres Joomla en Français

Les template Joomla 4 - Cédric Keiflin

See description under English.

Get the PDF in French: https://www.joomlack.fr/documentations-tutoriels-joomla/ebook-joomla-4-templates 

Joomla 4 - Le Livre - Simon Grange

See description under English. 

Get the e-book or paperback here: https://cinnk.com/fr/les-livres/joomla-4-le-livre

There must be more!

These were just a few of the books available (actually: these were the ones I could find). Have I missed something? Do you know a book that should be there? Please add it in the comments!

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