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Introducing GSoC 2016 Team

Introducing GSoC 2016 Team

We are proud to introduce to Joomla! Community the team of students selected to join us for the Google Summer of Code 2016. They show all our J!Diversity. Considering students and mentors, we have men and women from all continents in the world coding with us over next summer. 

Joomla! Community, please give a big cheer to:


Student: João Reys Santos

Country: Portugal  

Project: Improved multi-lingual content management‏

Mentors: Jean-Marie Simonet, Rob Clayburn, Nicola Galgano and André Pereira da Silva

Idea submitted by: Roland Dalmulder


Student: Mohamed Karam Helmy

Country: Egypt   

Project: Recording actions logs, accessible by super admin

Mentors: Llewellyn van der Merwe and Al Walker

Idea submitted by: Paulo Ries


Student: Nikita Dhiman

Country: India

Project: Shareable Draft Content

Mentors: Roland Dalmulder, Achal Aggarwal and Ashwin Date

Idea submitted by:  Chris Davenport    


Student: Prital Patel

Country: India  

Project: Browser Automated Tests for Joomla! CMS

Mentors: Yves Hoppe, Javier Gómez, Niels Braczek

Idea submitted by:  Javier Gómez


Student: Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe

Country:  Sri Lanka

Project: JavaScript Unit Tests

Mentors: Ashan Fernando and Yves Hoppe

Idea submitted by:  Ashan Fernando


Student: Shubham Rajput

Country: India

Project: Create Menu item for article or other component

Mentors: Peter Martin and Pedro Renan

Idea submitted by: Paulo Ries

We think you would like to know…

gsoc2016 sun 373x373
Finally, we'd like to thank one more time all team members involved to make GSoC happen for Joomla! in 2016: GSoC Team, specially our awesome mentors, PLT, community members who sent project ideas and helped to spread the word, and students who believed in Joomla Project!.

Special thanks to mentors who didn’t have their mentored ideas/students selected for being available to keep on helping anyway.

You all rock!

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