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Leadership Highlights May 2015

Leadership Highlights May 2015

It’s been awhile since the last leadership update was published in the Joomla Community Magazine. But that certainly doesn’t mean nothing is happening in leadership... on the contrary.

For almost a year now a group of members of all three leadership teams has worked on a new structure and methodology for the Joomla Project. After a proposal was shared in the fall of last year with the active community members in working groups, and was then presented at the Joomla World Conference 2014, a new version was shared with the entire community. It was discussed in a forum thread and currently the structure team is working on a final version to be discussed and voted on by the entire leadership.

Given the importance of this subject, a call for nominations for leadership positions has been on hold. Open Source Matters decided in their Annual General Meeting of the Members to re-elect the current Board of Directors for a term of six months. Earlier this year Mike Carson decided to step down from his position, and right after the elections of the board Directors, Tessa Mero was selected for a position in the Production Leadership Team. OSM wishes to thank them both for all their efforts during their terms.

While the structure debate will soon be resumed by Leadership, other initiatives are not delayed by it. The Production Leadership Team is full steam ahead on all kind of subjects they are working on. Maintenance of the current CMS version, roadmaps for future minor and major versions are discussed. A full report can be found on the Volunteer Portal.

Since the launch of the volunteer portal, more and more groups are publishing updates of the work going on. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do, and take a look at all the groups you can join. Chances are that you will find a nice group that meets your skills and offers you the possibility to contribute to the Joomla Project. Doing so might even end up with a nice trip to one of the international events where you will be able to meet your Joomla team mates face to face. The Joomla Events Travel Programme selected a great group of active community members to travel to Prague at the end of this month to attend J and Beyond.

Although this year a joint leadership summit will not be held before or after J and Beyond, it certainly won’t mean you will not be able to meet members of the leadership at the event. The PLT will have their summit and representatives of CLT and OSM will be present.

Talking about communication, did you already sign up for Glip? Since last month the project partnered up with Glip and made it the communication hub for most of the working groups. It’s a great way to easily communicate, and with all the features it offers, we can see productivity increase. If you didn’t sign up yet, you can still do so by visiting https://glip.com/joomla.

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