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Calling all Joomla! 3 Migration Experts, Storytellers and Enthusiasts!

Calling all Joomla! 3 Migration Experts, Storytellers and Enthusiasts!

Pass your expert Migration knowledge on! Do you have expert Joomla! 3 Migration advice?  How about a great story on the client from hell and migration? Do you have some top tips scratched out on a post-it that you’d like to share? Are you a newbie Joomla! enthusiast with some basic knowledge you could  pass on to other newbie Joomlites?

The Update Working Group ( made up of your volunteer compatriots ) has been hard at work coming up with some great “Step-by-Step” documentation to help the Joomla! community new and old, with the Joomla! 3 migrations that are taking place all over the world transitioning thousands of websites from Joomla! x.x.x to Joomla! 3.

Now we need to extend that body of knowledge with a series of articles.The Joomla! Magazine will publish a monthly article or story over the next few months and beyond if needed that will serve to help keep the flow of migration moving in the Joomla! 3 direction.

We have some ideas so you don’t have to start cold and we can also tell you what’s already been written so you don’t have to waste your time writing about something already done. You can also submit new ideas entirely! As long as the topic is in the ballpark of Joomla! 3 Migrations we’re open!

So, if you’ve got an idea for an article, a great story or some expert advice about Joomla! 3 and Migration here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check the idea list here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e_EDtPMdYdUrbLgDlX-hwbFXwZ-IXlXiqDRNQA86C80 )
  2. Go here https://magazine.joomla.org/join-joomla-magazine to fill out the new author registration form, read and accept the terms of the Author License Agreement, and submit your registration. You’ll have instant access to submit articles for review by the editors. If you're already an established author, you already probably know the ropes so just accept our hearfelt thank you, thank you, thank you from the Update Working Group!
  3. Bask in authorship glory!

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