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Leadership Highlights - May 2013

Leadership Highlights - May 2013

Project News, that is what this article is tagged under. But it could easily been tagged under a lot more tags. Like ‘International’ and ‘ Work in Progress’ or how about ‘Dynamic’ or....

Regardless of the number of tags, it is a sure thing we participate all under one and the same Joomla flag!

The biggest news of course is the release of Joomla version 3.1 including dynamic tagging accross content types.

It took some sweat and five beta versions but it is here! Did you see the cool video about it the Marketing team created? Together with other marketing material for Joomla 3.1

A huge thanks goes out to all the people involved contributing code and testing the new version and to the members of the Marketing team for their support.

Other exciting news is that the application for the GSoC for Joomla has been approved. With the experience of last year an interesting list of project ideas has been put together. The team loves to hear back from you when you’re interested in mentoring a student or if you are a student who wants to participate.

Work in Progress is ongoing for documentation. A huge list is created to work towards improving this important area. If you’re looking for a way to contribute, don’t hesitate to get and give your Joomla! Docs Wiki Barn Stars

Multi lingual support is also on the list for the future.

Yes, the magazine has fully multi lingual support as of now, you can’t have missed that news! There’s a whole Spanish section available now, and that will be only the start of many languages to come. The info page of Joomla has been available in a number of languages for quit a while and recently some were added. To be precise, all information about Joomla can be explored in 36 languages currently. Little by little the Joomla webpages are getting better accessible for people all over the world.

Accessibility and User Experience is still a topic many people care about for our software developement. The PLT found Seth Warburton to take on the lead of the UX team after Kyle Ledbetter's incredible efforts for Joomla 3.

On the road to ...

In the past we saw a Penguin showing up at Joomla! events all over the world. But since some time you might have noticed that there is a Joomla! flag traveling in the suitcases of leadership team members and spotted at different events. At this time it might be on it’s way to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Earlier this month we spotted the flag in New England attended by leadership team members Tom Hutchison, Andrea Tarr, David Hurley, and Dianne Henning.

At JoomlaDay Algeria Paulo Griiettner represented the leadership teams.

During the JoomlaDays in the Netherlands, the flag was signed too. The Dutch community got to speak to a number of leadership team members: Alice Grevet, Dianne Henning, Marijke Stuivenberg, Sander Potjer, Peter Martin, Ruth Cheesly, and David Hurley.

From there on it went to Guatemala where Paul Orwig, Leonel Canton, Guillermo Bravo and David Hurley were seen behind the flag.

If you want to meet leadership team members make sure you attend JandBeyond end of May. Members of all teams are present and they are planning a mini summit before the event.

If you are near Granada you can also listen to Isidro Baquero who has been invited to talk about Joomla at University of Granada Open Source Office on May 6th.

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