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Joomla Events Website Launch

Joomla Events Website Launch

The Joomla! Events Team is happy to announce the launch of a new website dedicated for Joomla! events such as Joomla! Days, Joomla! Conferences, and Joomla! User Group Meetings.

Joomla! events and user group meetings are the touch points of the Joomla! community. The Joomla! project recognizes this as a very important part of the project. The new website can be found at http://events.joomla.org.

Back in December 2011, Robert Deutz of Open Source Matters brought forth the idea of a dedicated Joomla! events website. After much discussion, a small team was assembled and the development of the new Joomla! Events Website began. This website began just as any other website in the world does, a plan had to be formulated.

The events website development team started out with three people (Robert Deutz, TJ Baker, and Mike Carson) in charge of gathering and documenting the goals and requirements needed to build the site. The group considered many CCK, event, and calendar solutions, and eventually decided that the Jcal Pro extension most closely suited our needs. After much discussion with Victor Drover, and due to his commitment to deliver the additional features that this project needed, it was a no-brainer to bring Victor on as a member of the Joomla! Events Team.

The website's primary function is to display Joomla! approved events and user group meetings from around the world. The website will also serve as a resource for event coordinators to get help in organizing their events via resources and event mentors. The Joomla! events website will be expanded with more features and resources as time goes on, and we are excited to add this valuable addition to the Joomla! suite of websites.

If you are an event organizer, or if you host a Joomla! user group, please head over to http://events.joomla.org and submit your events to be listed on the calendar.

The Joomla! events team will be expanded as needed with additional volunteers, and we look forward to serving Joomla! event organizers, as well as Joomla! user group hosts with supporting these much needed events.



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