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5 Steps Towards Successful Time Management

5 Steps Towards Successful Time Management

Social ecologist Peter F. Drucker once said, “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” Never is this truer than when describing the importance of time management skills for business owners.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You head into the office feeling great only to open a seemingly never-ending to-do list that completely flusters you throwing the entire day of balance while leaving you feeling utterly helpless and stretched too thin.

This situation, while never completely unavoidable, is something that can be mastered over time by following these simple steps towards successfully managing your time. 

1. Relax and Remain Composed

Unless you hold some magical power, and if so please enlighten me, everything cannot be finished at once. The first step towards effectively managing time is to take a step back and think clearly. Rushing into any situation without poise can make even the easiest task feel impossible.

2. Construct a Plan and Follow It

A man without a plan is as good as lost. Jumping headfirst into a bevy of tasks in any profession is one of the quickest ways to become overwhelmed. The reason that writers swear by the power of outlines is because it keeps you on task and always pointed in the right direction. Clearly constructing a plan of attack before tackling assignments is crucial towards managing time.

3. Delegate Assignments

You can’t do everything yourself and one of the most important ways to stay on point is to delegate assignments that can be done by others. This step is an important piece of the puzzle towards organization as it allows multiple tasks to be finished at once. However, proceed with caution on this step and make sure that you properly understand which responsibilities can be trusted in the hands of others.

4. Most Important Things First

After constructing a plan and assigning certain tasks it is now time to tackle the most pressing issues. No matter how many items remain on your plate it is imperative to handle the most important ones first. Finalizing the biggest tasks first shines a light on the end of the tunnel allowing you to coolly and calmly continue tie up the other loose ends.

5. Plan Again

When you are able to scratch everything off of the list for the day the easiest thing to do is pack up and head home. But instead, take a look at what lies ahead for the next day and start managing your tasks ahead of time. Being prepared and ready to go the following day will help you avoid the uneasiness and stress of finding yourself strapped for time.

I hope these steps towards successful time management helps to keep your affairs in order and your stress levels low. I know it has for me.

What are some tips that you use to stay on point?



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