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The Sandbox Manifesto

The Sandbox Manifesto
A declaration of intent from an open source, front-end developer.

I’m a developer. I create. I put my code in a sandbox. Bring your shovel and pail. Where others would think they've been stolen from, I get a weird sense of pride from you building on what I've made.

I offer my work. No blood, maybe a little sweat, maybe a few tears. The only thing I can earn is respect and recognition from a peer. I can’t buy that. I don’t have expectations and I make no warranties. Love it, hate it. Take it or leave it, as is. I hope you'll find what I've done useful, modify it and drop my name in the credits somewhere. My high hope is that you share it back so that we can collaborate. Then I can do some name dropping too.

If you’ve got something to give. If I find it useful. Or interesting. I’ll take it. I’ll try to add value to it. And because I respect you, I’ll share it back. Like I said, I don’t have expectations. You don’t have to receive it. But I reserve the right to redistribute. Don’t get angry. And don’t worry, I’m a name dropper. Credit is due and you’ll get it.

OK, you caught me, I lied. I do have expectations. I expect to teach; I expect to learn. I expect that our connection will drive innovation. I expect it to spread like a virus. And I expect we’ll do it together.

Whether I’m giving or taking, I’m sharing, I manifest open source.

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