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JoomlaDay USA 2024: Nashville Live & Virtual Event!


The fourth annual JoomlaDayUSA is almost here! JoomlaDayUSA 2024 marks only the second occasion of the event being hosted in person. In the friendly Joomlasphere, this event stands out with its unique blend of in-person and virtual components.

The event is called 'Joomla Day Nashville'. It is actually taking place at the Williamson, Inc, Chamber of Commerce Building in Franklin, Tennessee - a mere 20-minute drive south of Nashville.

The dedicated JoomlaDay USA Team, now 10 members strong, has been diligently preparing for months to ensure your experience at the event is nothing short of fantastic. You can meet the team HERE.

What Are The benefits Of Coming In Person vs Virtual Participation?

Coming to JoomlaDayUSA in person this year gives you opportunity to meet IN PERSON the following:

  • Crystal Dionysopoulos the current OSM President from Greece
  • Elisa Foltyn from Germany, a top notch Joomla Yootheme Pro website builder
  • Eoin Oliver from the UK, one of the Joomla communities favourite Joomla presentors
  • Carlos Cámara from Spain, premier Joomla developer and author

We will also have some of our own homegrown heroes at the event in person such as Adam Melcher, Laura Gordon, Olivier Buisard, Robin Clapp, Josh Gilson, Joe Sonne (aka JoeJoomla) and many more.


JoomlaDayUSA 2023


But There's More...

For in person attendees there will be some cool swag such as a long sleeve t-shirt, a JDayUSA mug, and check this out, we are also offering a free head shot done by a professional photographer during the event.

Lunch is included both days and on the Thursday night of the event there will be a home cooked BBQ!

In person tickets are limited so get your ticket now! https://jdayusa.com/tickets

This year we're excited that of the eighteen global speakers, many will be in person including several from overseas! We've had a flurry of registrations and tremendous sponsorship support. Do check out our generous sponsors: Sponsors 2024, with a special shout-out to our Main Event Sponsor.

Last year, I took a road trip from Canada to Austin, Texas for JoomlaDay USA 2023 - the first in person event since lockdown. I can wholeheartedly say, it was absolutely worth every mile. I had a blast, the sessions were top-notch, and the networking experience was extraordinary. It was delightful to meet certain individuals face-to-face who, until then, had only been familiar faces on video calls.




JoomlaDay USA will have the usual:

  • An Intro to Joomla Class
  • Inspirational Keynote speeches
  • Bugs & Fun
  • Panel discussions
  • Networking lunches
  • Two tracks of sessions over two days

Should you attend JoomlaDay USA 2024, in person or virtually? Absolutely! It's an unparalleled opportunity to engage with some of the brightest Joomlers in the world. The team's skill in organizing these events continues to improve, and I'm sure this year's event will not only be enjoyable but also continue to bring great value to all participants. These events have transformed my Joomla practice in numerous ways. I'm confident you'll gain valuable insights and forge meaningful business and personal relationships.

See you at JoomlaDay USA 2024, in person or online!

Pizza has gone - Bugs and Fun remain

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Jose Suarez on Wednesday, 20 March 2024 19:29
Can't wait to see y'all again!

Last year was a blast! this year is going to be epic!

Last year was a blast! this year is going to be epic!

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